April 2018 4-H Newsletter


  1) Nebraska 4-H Policy& Procedures Handbook

  2) 4-H Online New and Renewal Enrollment/ Frontier County Dues & Insurance   

  3) Clover Kids

  4) Both Frontier County Fair Schedules Were Included In February Mailing

  5) Annual West Central Youth Animal Science Youth Field Day May 24

  6) NCTA Standard of Excellence Livestock Judging Camp May 23

  7) Life Challenge State Contest- June 25-26

  8) Robotics NXT Lego Kits & County Fair Robotic EXPO

  9) Local 4-H “Make a Splash” Day Camp

10) Youth Crop Scouting Competition

11) Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI)

12) Next Council Meeting

13) Horse Shows & Small/Big Animal Progress Shows

14) Livestock Tags

15) County Livestock Exhibit Changes

16) Horse Advancement Levels/ District & State Dates

17) Horse Judging School

18) Youth For Quality Care (YQCA) 2018 – Livestock Quality Assurance

19) 2018 Animal Identification

20)  2018 Frontier County 4-H Livestock Enrollment Deadlines

21) Frontier County 4-H Shooting Sports

22) County Official 4-H Tee Shirts

23) Leaders & 4-H Supporters

24) Club Leader News

25) Upcoming 4-H Events/Important Dates

Hello Frontier County 4-H Families & Supporters!

We encourage you to review the newsletter EACH MONTH for 4-H communication! J There are several items/dates in these monthly 4-H newsletters that will help make a positive 4-H experience for you. (This newsletter is also available online on our county page @ http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier )

1) Nebraska 4-H Policy& Procedures Handbook - Whenever leaders, 4-H families & supporters have any 4-H questions, we encourage you to refer to Nebraska 4-H website for the most current state 4-H policies at: https://4h.unl.edu/policy-handbook.

2) 4-H Online New and Renewal Enrollment/ Frontier County Dues & Insurance   - Please ask us at the office if you need assistance or need to use the office computer to sign up!  Deadline is April 15.

WHERE: Enroll at https://www.4honline.com.  HOW: Instructions available in the extension office or https://4h.unl.edu/featureprograms/4henrollmentnowopen.  

Dues are $5.00/youth & $2.50/Clover Kid.  ALL Dues need turned into the Extension by APRIL 15th!! Pay your club leader & they will then send in one check to the extension office. Independent members will need to send their dues to the extension office.  All checks need to be made payable to the 4-H Council. This money goes into the Frontier County 4-H account to pay for project manuals, contests & other 4-H programming. The Frontier County 4-H Council pays 4-H insurance $1.00/ youth. 4-H insurance does not cover leaders or adult volunteers. See office for more details.

3) Clover Kids  Must be enrolled by April 15th and $2.50 dues paid to your club or directly to extension office. This the officially recognized 4-H program in Nebraska for children under the age of 8. The program is designed to provide 5 to 7 year-olds (by January 1, 2018) a variety of educational and recreational experiences in a non-competitive environment.  Enroll at https://www.4honline.com


4) Both Frontier County Fair Schedules were included in February mailing. Notice some events with new times and dates then last year.  Mark your calendar!

5) Annual West Central Youth Animal Science Youth Field Day May 24 in Curtis. Here’s the registration site:  https://goo.gl/forms/d7080U7CEiIh0Yft2

Thank you to the Frontier County Fair Board and Eustis Fair & Corn Show Ag Society for paying the $5.00 registration fee for ALL Frontier County 4-H members. Thank you Frontier County 4-H Council for providing/serving the lunch that day as a fund raiser opportunity!

6) NCTA Standard of Excellence Livestock Judging Camp May 23 on the NCTA campus.   For more information and to register go to:  https://www.smore.com/7vgx2-ncta-livestock-judging-camp

7) Life Challenge State Contest- June 25-26 on UNL East Campus. Any youth /parents interested in attending/competing in this year’s contest?  Contact Kathy Burr at the Extension Office by May 15 so we can get a team(s) together!

Life Challenge is designed to help youth learn about issues related to family and consumer science. Life Challenge is open to any current 4-H’er who is at least 12 years of age before January 1, 2018 and includes career exploration opportunities, tours, presentations, and competitive contests. Youth do not need to be enrolled in family and consumer science projects to participate. For more information go to: https://4h.unl.edu/pase-life-challenge.

8) Robotics NXT Lego Kits & County Fair Robotic EXPO - NXT Lego kits will be available this summer for youth enrolled in the 4-H Robotics project to create fair exhibits that will be judged July 24 evening at Stockville Fair or August 1 at Eustis Fair. There will be a $30 returnable deposit payable to University of Nebraska. Contact the extension office to reserve your kit, or purchase your own robotic kits. Be looking in May newsletter for Robotic workshop date! 4-H members can show off their robot exhibits during the Robotic Expo July 27 at 3:00 pm during the Frontier County Fair. More details later.

9) Local 4-H “Make a Splash” Day Camp - June 4, 2018 State 4-H Camp staff from Halsey, NE will be holding a “Make a Splash” Day Camp at Curtis City Park for ages 6-12!! Camp cost $30/youth. Register online. Camp scholarships available- refer to state camp website for details. https://4h.unl.edu/camps

10) Youth Crop Scouting Competition - Nebraska Extension is offering the 5th Annual Crop Scouting Competition for Nebraska youth near Mead, Nebraska on July 26, 2018. The event includes indoor and outdoor events. Teams of junior high and high school students (those completing 7th-12th grades) are invited to participate.  Top-scoring teams win prizes: $500 for first, $250 for second, $100 for third place. Top two teams are eligible for regional competition in August in Nebraska. For more information and register a team are available online at https://cropwatch.unl.edu/youth.

11) Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI) - July 9-13, 2018 UNL East Campus Lincoln, NE

5-day conference for high school junior and seniors to learn about career opportunities within agriculture. For more information http://www.nda.nebraska.gov/nayi/


12) Next Council Meeting - Monday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. in Curtis at the NCTA Ed Center


13) Horse Shows & Small/Big Animal Progress Shows- there are several shows across Nebraska if you are interested. Go to https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/4-h-livestock-small-animal-0/  or contact the extension office for flyers/information.

14) Livestock Tags - As you are planning/ purchasing 4-H/FFA livestock for this next summer here are the ear tags/DNA prices for 2018:

$1.00 county only tags

$3.00 EID tags for NE State Fair and/or AKSARBEN

$6.00 DNA envelopes for NE State Fair and/or AKSARBEN

15) County Livestock Exhibit Changes - As you are enrolling in livestock projects here are a few changes in the 2018 County Fair Book. At the March 19, 2018 4-H Council meeting a few details were changed on sheep and swine for county fair.

Please look carefully at the 2018 fair book section:


SUPERINTENDENT:  Dan Stehlik (Stockville)

SUPERINTENDENT:  Cloid Smith and Morgan Smith (Eustis)

A 4-H’er is limited to exhibiting a maximum of six (6) sheep which includes a pen of three. NO individual animal may show in both breeding, market classes, and pen of three.  See sale rules for other details.

To be eligible to show, the 4-H’er MUST have cared for the individual animal starting NO later than June 15.  All ewes MUST be identified with USDA official ID (part of scrapie eradication program) All market sheep and “meat breed” breeding sheep  MUST be completely slick shorn, including belly, to within ¼” PRIOR to arrival at show.  Wool may be left on the legs ONLY below the knees and hocks.  All “wool breed” sheep may be shown in the fleece.

Rate of Gain – see above.

 CATCH-A-LAMB RULES:  4-H’er MUST be 8, 9, or 10 years old January 1, 2018.  2018 MUST be the first year they will show a lamb, excluding Cover Kid experience.  They MUST be enrolled in 4-H in Frontier County by April 15, 2018.  Application MUST be picked up, filled out, and returned to the extension office by March 1, 2018 for both fairs.  Must make arrangements for boarding or have a place to keep the animal before application deadline.  Lambs MUST be picked up end of March/first of April.  TWO letters must be sent to the sponsor between picking up the lamb and showing the lamb.  The 4-H’er MUST complete the Catch-A-Lamb Record Book and bring to the fair.  The lamb MUST be shown at one of the two fairs in Frontier County in 2018.  Must sell the market lamb and return 25% of the sale price to the Frontier County 4-H Council to further project.  May keep ownership of breeding catch-a-lamb but must pay 25% of market price of weight at time of fair to the Frontier County 4-H Council to further project.

Judging criteria:  20% record book 4-H F93 submitted on entry day; 20% two letters to program sponsor – one at the beginning thanking the sponsor, and a progress letter to the sponsor (include a story about your project and what you have learned this year about sheep from this lamb); 20% rate of gain; 20% class placing and/or ribbon (20 pts – purple, 15 pts – blue, 10 pts – red, and 5 pts – white); 20% Showmanship ribbon (20 pts – purple, 15 pts – blue, 10 pts – red, and 5 pts – white). 

 MARKET LAMB - DIVISION 31                        BREEDING EWES - DIVISION 32

CLASS                                                                        CLASS

901.   Market Lambs (Born after  1/1/18)           901.  Breeding Ewes

                                                                                           902.  Breeding Lambs (Born after 1/1/18)

                                                                                           903.  Yearlings (Born before 1/1/18)



901.  Catch-a-Lamb



901. Pen of Three Market Lambs-Judged in the show ring.  Exhibitor MUST also show  in  individual market or breeding sheep class.


SUPERINTENDENT:  Tate Lueth (Stockville)

SUPERINTENDENT:  Cloid Smith and Morgan Smith (Eustis)

A 4-H’er is limited to exhibiting a maximum of six (6) animals including the pen of three.  This means they can only show two Market Swine.  Animals will be put into classes on a weight basis.  See sale rules for other details.



901.        Market Hogs (barrows and gilts)

902.        Pen of Three (Market hogs) - Exhibitor MUST also show an individual market hog or breeding hog.

903.        Breeding Gilts – less than l year old

16) Horse Advancement Levels/ District & State Dates – Levels must be completed for participation in the 2018 District 4-H Horse Shows by MAY 10, 2018.

Horse Identification -A required hardcopy paper ID with identifying photos/ drawings and owner affidavit needs to be turned in to the local extension office by May 10. This is for Frontier County Horse Show as well.

2018 Districts Dates and Sites

June 13th–Ord

June 14th–York

June 20th–Gordon

June 21th–Central City

June 22nd–Curtis

2018 Fonner Park State 4-H Horse Show July 15-19, 2018

17) Horse Judging School- Aspiring horse show judges and exhibitors, or anyone who wants to learn how horses are judged can do so this spring. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is pleased to announce its 2018 Horse Judging School, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., April 28, 2018, at the UNL Animal Science Complex, on East Campus. The Nebraska 4-H Horse Show Judging Certification test will be offered at no additional cost for those needing to be re-certified, or desiring to become new 4-H Horse judges. The cost per person is $30 for youth, ages 10-18 years old, and $40 for adults, ages 19 years and older. Please register at http://go.unl.edu/hyjc to reserve your spot. For more information, contact Lena Luck at 402-472-9098, or lena.luck@unl.edu or visit: http://animalscience.unl.edu/horse. For more information on the Nebraska 4-H Horse Show Judge Certification test, visit: http://animalscience.unl.edu/horse-judging- information#tab4. 

18) Youth For Quality Care (YQCA) 2018 – Livestock Quality Assurance - Face-to-face trainings in Frontier County will be:

  • May 7 (Monday) 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Eustis
  • May 15 (Tuesday) 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Curtis

4-H livestock exhibitors need to attend one of these sessions or search online for surrounding counties’ face-to-face dates OR take the web based training any time before June 1, 2018.

  • BEFORE attending local face-to-face session – After April 15 (when all Frontier County 4-H members will be activated on 4Honline), all 4-H’ers need to register and pay online at: https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login.   Use your 4-H Online account.

-        Web Base training is $12/child

-        Face-to-face training is $3/child

-        Need credit card or coupon

  • Nebraska 4-H youth ages 8-18, who are enrolled in any of the livestock projects listed below are required to complete the YQCA training annually.
  • Youth enrolled in any of following projects or project areas will need to complete YQCA training.

-        Beef (bucket calf, feeder calf, breeding beef, market beef)

-        Dairy Cattle

-        Goat (breeding meat goat, dairy goat, meat goat)

-        Poultry

-        Rabbit

-        Sheep (breeding sheep, market sheep)

-        Swine (breeding swine, market swine)

19) 2018 Animal Identification –Refer to March 4-H newsletter for this information and contact extension office you still have questions.

 NEW for 2018 Sheep and Goats

  • 4-H Market Sheep and 4-H Market Goats will no longer require a 982 EID tag at State Fair and AkSarBen.
  • The scrapie tag will be used for identification of breeding and market sheep and goats at State Fair and AkSarBen in 2018. County will still require a 4-H ear tag.
  • The scrapie tag comes from the producer of the animal.
  • Frontier County Sheep & Goat Tagging Days are: April 24 in Stockville at 7:00-8:00 pm and May 1 in Eustis 6:30-8:00 pm. 

 20)  2018 Frontier County 4-H Livestock Enrollment Deadlines:

April 1 - All market beef ID paperwork

May 10 - Horse IDs and district and state contest entries

May 15 - All market sheep, goat & swine ID paperwork

June 1 - All Breeding Beef, Stocker Feeder, Dairy, Breeding Swine, Breeding Sheep & Breeding Goat ID paperwork


21) Frontier County 4-H Shooting Sports - Youth participating in Shooting Sports need to be enrolled in 4-H Online in the Sharp Shooters 4-H Club.  All shooting sports paperwork must be fill out and dues paid by APRIL 6th to be eligible to shoot in 2018.


22) County Official 4-H Tee Shirts ALL NEW county 4-H members can come to the office to pick up your FREE official county tee shirt.  IF your family needs an extra official Frontier County 4-H tee shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) you can order & pay directly from Dmilaco’s online site and shirts can be picked up at extension office after July 1. Order at: https://frontiercounty4h2017dec.itemorder.com/sale 

23) Leaders & 4-H Supporters - if you have new families, please get their names and addresses to extension office so they can begin to receive our monthly 4-H newsletter.


24) Club Leader News - Leaders -- Please use this newsletter as a way to get information out to your members.  You need to submit any news to the extension office by the end of the month in order to have it appear in the next newsletter.

Happy Helpers 4-H Club will hold their organizational meeting on April 9, 2018 in the Berean Church in Curtis at 4:30 pm. For more information contact Sue Nutt at 367-6366 or Amy Houser at 308-650-1715

25) Upcoming 4-H Events/Important Dates

2018 Fair Dates-

July 24-29 Frontier County Fair in Stockville

August 1-4 Eustis Fair & Corn Show in Eustis


       13 - Due – Registrations for West Central Regional Speech Contest

       15 - Due – 4-H Enrollment due online

       15 - Early Bird Registration for Nebraska 4-H Summer Camps - Save 10% & Big Red Camps

       21 - Panhandle Regional Speech Contest

       24 - Sheep & Goat Tagging Day – Frontier County Fairgrounds in Stockville @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

       28 - West Central Regional Speech @ WCREC


         1 -  Sheep & Goat Tagging Day - Eustis @

               6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

         3 - Due – Registrations for Southeast Regional Speech Contest 

         7 - Youth Quality Care of Animals – Eustis – 6:30-8 pm

       10 - Due – Registrations for Northeast Regional Speech Contest

       10 - Due - 4-H Horse ID's, District & State Show Entries

    TBA - MVES Field Day & 4-H Food Stand

       15 - Due – Market Sheep, Goat & Swine IDs in office

       15 - Youth Quality Care of Animals – Curtis NCTA LTC – 6:30-8 pm


June 25-26 PASE/Life Challenge in Lincoln, NE