Market Beef Affidavit       Market Lamb Affidavit          Market Swine Affidavit  

Feeder Calf Affidavit         Breeding Sheep Affidavit      Meat Goat Affidavit

Breeding Beef Affidavit     Dairy Goat Affidavit              Breeding Meat Goat Affidavit

Bucket Calf Affidavit          Dairy Cow Affidavit              2020 Catch-A-Lamb Contract

Cow/Calf Affidavit               Horse Affidavit                     Catch-A-Lamb Record Bo0k

Bucket Calf Record Book                                                     Breeding Swine Affidavit

Cow/Calf Record Book Stage 1                                           Cow/Calf Record Book Stage 2

Cow/Calf Record Book Stage 3

If you have any previous year ID sheets, discard them and only use the ones above. This is the 2020 process for 4-H animal identifications:

  • All Market Beef will be tagged at beef weigh days.  If you want to be considered for Rate of Gain, you must weigh in Frontier County.
  • Identification for County Fair only animals:  the county 4-H ear tag will be used for bucket calves, feeder calves, market beef, market hogs, & breeding swine.  Market lambs, breeding sheep, meat goats and breeding meat does need scrapies tags.  All registered and commercial breeding beef must have a ranch tag.  All animals must be submitted on the appropriate ownership affidavit (see above).
  • Identification for State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H and FFA animals:  Market Beef & Market Swine will need an EID tag and a DNA sample.  Market Sheep need a scrapies tag and a DNA sample.  All market beef DNA envelopes and ownership affidavits are due by April 15 to the extension office.  Market Sheep & Market Swine are due by May 15 in the extension office.  All others (including ID sheets) submitted to the Frontier County Extension Office by June 1.  Market Beef must be nominated online at by family prior to April 1st.  Market Swine & Market Sheep must be nominated online at by family prior to June 15th.
  • Market Beef Weigh Days and Sheep & Goat Weigh Days will continue as they have but 4-H families will need to advise which tags to use at that time (county tags or the EID tags).
  • Breeding animals for State Fair & Ak-Sar-Ben prior to the ID deadline of June 15 must be nominated online at  All registered and commertcial breeding beef can be ear tagged for County Fair (ranch tag).  Frontier County Extension ID deadline is June 1.
  • Horse and livestock still require paper ID's at the county level.

Online Quality Assurance Training     online course at

Youth For Quality Care (YQCA) 2020 – Livestock Quality Assurance

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the YQCA Board is announcing a 25% flash sale on the web based certification. Here is how to take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Only offered during the month of April (April 1 – April 30), YQCA will be offering a 25% discount on web-based trainings, making them $9.
a. Those wishing to take part in the flash sale will need to purchase $9 web-based training coupons from YQCA. Coupon order forms are attached to this message or may be obtained by emailing THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED PRICE.
b. Once the order form and proof of payment is received, coupons will be issued and returned to the purchaser within 3-5 business days.
c. Coupons MUST be put towards a web-based training in the month of April.

2. Youth who have already paid for a YQCA instructor-led training (on a date that has not yet passed), may log into their account and cancel their registration.
a. If payment was received via credit card, their payment will be refunded.
b. If payment was received via coupon code, that coupon code will be active again. This coupon code does not expire and would be able to be used in future years.
c. To cancel a registered training 1. Go to and login to the account. 2. Select the course - you will have an option to "Cancel Registration”. This will cancel the training and refund the payment/re-activate the coupon code.



We recognize those who have typically utilized the instructor-led training option may be unfamiliar with what users receive with their registration fee. We have identified those items below and ask that they be shared with instructors who are pointing their youth towards the web-based training.

Each session purchased includes three modules – a knowledge builder, a skills lab, and a quiz.
o The knowledge builder is where content is delivered, the skills lab provides an opportunity to apply the content, and the quiz tests knowledge. To receive a certification, an 80% must be achieved on the 10-question quiz.

o These modules, completed in their entirety, will provide 2-3 hours of an experience for users.

Features of the online modules include:
o Characters at each age level to guide youth through the course

o Free navigation within the course so youth can spend as much or as little time on a particular topic based upon their personal needs

o Variety of learning opportunities to accommodate various learning styles and modalities

o Audio button on each slide so youth can listen to audio rather than read the on-screen text

 Users may revisit modules anytime during their year of certification to repeat the modules purchased for additional learning opportunities.

If you have any questions about the items above or requests for YQCA, please do not hesitate to reach out to

By June 1, Frontier County 4-H Livestock Exhibitors need to attend either face-to-face session or search online for surrounding counties’ face-to-face dates OR take the web based training OR test out any time before June 1.   Test Out Option:  $36 for Intermediate or $48 for Senior Divisions; will allow youth to test out of their current age division; available online only at: paper tests in extension office and all past test outs are no longer valid.)         

2020 Horse Shows around Nebraska

District Horse Shows have been CANCELLED. State Horse Show will still be held at this time.

2020 State Horse Show Entry Form

2020 District Map - CANCELLED

2020 List of Horse Events - CANCELLED

All Horse Shows other than State are pending further notice.

2020 Progress Shows

Progress Show have been postponed