Here is a running list of completed programming for the 22-23 school year. All programming is adaptable to the needs of the teacher and classroom!

8/15- 1FC - Right This Minute?- 20 minute lesson introducing students to where their food comes from

8/16-8/17- 1FC- Food Web Activity- 20 minute prepared lesson for teacher to complete in classroom. The food web activity gave students the opportunity to connect the pieces about where everyday items come from

8/17- 1FC- Handwashing- 30 minute lesson on how important it is to wash your hands and how to properly wash them

8/18- 1FC- Seed Lesson- 20 minute lesson teaching students what seeds are and where they come from, planted pumpkin seeds

8/19- 1FC- Beef vs Dairy- 20 minute lesson comparing and contrasting beef vs. dairy cattle, read Cattle A through Z

9/8- 1FC - How did that get in my lunchbox?- 45 minute lesson talking about food and where it comes from

9/16- 1FC- Solar Oven- 1 hr lesson fitting into their camping theme for the year, the lesson focused on cooking without an oven and ended the session with s'mores