•  Clover Kid Enrollment is open for next year. Remember Clover Kids are FREE.  https://ne.4honline.com/ Resources on how to enroll are available on our website or please call our office; we are here to help you!  
  • Clover Kid Record Books are due December 1stPrint one off our website or stop and pick on up. We will be celebrating all youth after the 1st of the year with a fun activity; check the 4-H newsletter/Facebook page for updates in January. 
Clover Kid Space Camp

The last Clover Kids workshop of 2020 that I’ll be hosting will be November 17th. Clover Kid Space Camp has gone virtual! RSVP, we will assemble a kit for you to pick up any time after noon on 11/12/2020. Can't get to the office when we are open? We will put a kit of supplies in our mailbox with your child's name on it for your convenience. 

  • Space Camp Handouts
  • Zoom Link-Join Brandy online we guarantee a good time!
  • Space Camp Presentation
  • Our Solar System: The Planets
  • NASA - Walking in Space

    Pencil, markers/crayons, pushpin or safety pin (something to push through a piece of construction paper)

  • In your kit, you will receive: 

    1 sheet of black construction paper, 1 sheet of white paper, Handouts, Piece of white chalk , Constellation matching cards, Large paper sack, and Space camp certificate of completion

Clover Kid Record Books

Clover Kids are also encouraged to complete a record book to get used to filling out this type of application. Join the fun and fill out a Clover Kid Record Book, youth will be recongnized at our county awards night!

Project Ideas for Clover Kids

A SPACE FOR ME- Short Video and Project Guide

VEGETABLE GARDENING 101--Project Guide, Story, and Optional Printout

Create a poster explaining what you learned about plant parts that are edible. You can use the story to tell about "tops and bottoms" or you could describe what you know about the seed or plant you are going to plant. 

DINOSAURS Click here for pdf instructions and Project Guide

About 3 minutes long
Dinosaur Facts https://youtu.be/RBaiG_7f7GQ
Bubble Fun lesson guide and Project Guide

The Science of Bubbles Video https://youtu.be/XxU_QenIO54

 Choose to make one of these and save for the fair!

 Bubble Painting--Add some liquid tempera to bubble mixture, and hang poster paper on the easel, have the children blow bubbles on to the paper, and watch the design that forms when they pop.

 Bubble Page--Cut out a big round circle from white finger-paint paper. Have children use watercolor paints on it so looks like a bubble.

 Bubble Pens--Mix a T. of dry tempera paint with 2T. dishwashing liquid and 1/2 cup water. Pour a small amount into a clean glue bottle. Shake the bottle really hard to create bubbles and make designs on paper.



Dept. I Division 100 Class: 

 *59 My Choice