2021/2022 Enrollment Year

The 4-H Council is offering an early enrollment runs now through Dec. 31st at half the price! 4-H members can enroll online on the new platform at v2.4honline.com . Payment will be $5.00 per youth and $10.00 per family. Clover Kids are free. Ages 5-7. After January 1st the payment will be $10.00 per youth and $20.00 per family! This is a great opportunity to get enrolled early and start thinking about 4-H projects!

Make Checks Payable to University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Mailing payments in to: Nebraska Extension – Fillmore County
1340 G Street
Geneva, NE 68361

Youth who are enrolled in more than one club only need to pay ONE enrollment fee. You will receive a confirmation email when the payment has been made and your status becomes Active.

For more information contact the Fillmore County Extension Office at 402-759-3712

Club Leaders and 4-H Volunteers

Club Leaders, 4-H Council Members and 4-H Volunteers should be enrolled as a vounteer in the 4honline system. Volunteer Screening will happen every 5 years 4-H volunteers are required to be screened by DHHS to ensure the safety of our 4-H youth. The 4-H year 2020-2021 is Fillmore County's year to be screened. IF YOU ARE A NEW LEADER YOU WILL HAVE TO BE SCREENED THIS YEAR. For more information on the volunteer screening process click the volunteer screening link above.