Wireless Internet Access for ENREC Visitors Instructions

ENREC Wireless Instructions

If you will be attending a program at the August N. Christenson Building and will require wireless internet connections for your laptop, tablet, handheld device, or phone, configuring your equipment PRIOR to the event will expedite online connections.

Please follow the instructions below up to 30 days prior to anticipated use.

  1. You will need your computer or handheld device's Media Access Control address
    (otherwise known as MAC address) To determine this information, see below:
    1. Windows XP/2000/NT/WIN7
      1. Go to Start, Run, type cmd in the run box, hit Enter.
      2. A command window appears.
        1. In this window, type ip config/all
        2. Locate your wireless network connection adapter
          1. Write down the physical address
          2. Should be a 12-digit hexadecimal number
          3. Examples:
            • 00-E0-C1-5C-A9-A6
            • 00-40-69-43-D0-7D
            • 14-90-48-7E-7E-A4
  2. Using a computer with internet access, navigate to http://wireless-reg.unl.edu/
    1. If you do not do this prior to arriving at the August N. Christenson Building, you will need to call the Computer Help Center at (402)472-3970, toll-free (866)472-3970 with your MAC Address. Visitor accounts are enabled for 90 days.
      1. Once the webpage loads, click the link under visitor registration.