Soybean Management Field Days
Soybean Management Field Days

20th Anniversary Soybean Management Field Days2018 Soybean Management Field Days

August 7-10, 2018

For 20 years, Soybean Management Field Days have been helping Nebraska growers stay competitive in the global marketplace.  We’ve brought research-based information to your neighborhood – 76 different farms and locations so far with nearly 9,000 growers attending since we began.  Our goal remains the same as the first field day – to help soybean growers maximize productivity and profitability through smart decisions and efficient use of resources.  Meeting the world's growing food and energy needs starts right here in Nebraska – at the 2018 Soybean Management Field Days!  Join us at a site near you – complimentary admission and lunch included.

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Sponsors - Nebraska Soybean Board and Nebraska Extension


SMFD Locations

2018 Locations

The field days begin with 9 a.m. registration and conclude at 2:30 p.m. Free registration is available the day of the event. Dates, locations and directions are listed below.  (Downloadable maps and directions coming soon!)

Tuesday, Aug. 7
Dean Jacobitz Farm - KENESAW, NE


Wednesday, Aug. 8

John and Mike Frey Farm - ALBION, NE


Thursday, Aug. 9
Ed Lammers Farm - HARTINGTON, NE


Friday, Aug. 10

Ray Jr. & Kevin Kucera Farm - CEDAR BLUFFS, NE


What will you learn about?

Learn how to profitably apply the products of technology and research at the farm level.  This educational event is for you - the soybean grower and agronomic representatives supporting the soybean industry. Experts will share their knowledge and experiences as they relate to soybean production, marketing and management.

  • Marketing, Risk Management and Farm Policy

  • Weed Management:

Cover Crops and Weed Control

Conventional vs. Traited Soybean Variety Production

  • Management of Cover Crops & Soybean Insects and Pathogens

  • Cover Crop Research

Irrigation Management, Soil Fertility, and Cover Crop Research

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What you will learn


 The Presenters

The Presenters

Unbiased, research-based information from University presenters and industry consultants.   Updates on biodiesel use and markets are provided by the members and staff of the Nebraska Soybean Checkoff and others. 

Cover Crops: Managing Soybean Insects and Pathogens

- Nick Arneson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln Plant Pathology Research Technologist

- Loren Giesler, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist

- Tom Hunt, Nebraska Research & Extension Entomologist

- Justin McMechan, University of Nebraska Crop Protection and Cropping Systems Specialist

- Ron Seymour, Nebraska Extension Educator – Entomologist

- Robert Wright, Nebraska Extension Entomologist

Cover Crops and Soybean Production Irrigation Management, Soil Fertility, and Cover Crop Research

- Leonardo Bastos, UNL Soil and Water Sciences PhD Graduate Student

- Katja Koehler-Cole, UNL Agronomy Post-Doctoral Research Associate

- Roger Elmore, Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems Agronomist

- Steve Melvin, Nebraska Extension Educator, Cropping Systems

- Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension Educator, Irrigation and Cropping Systems

Marketing, Risk Management and Farm Policy

- Austin Duerfeldt , Nebraska Extension, Agricultural Economist

- Jessica Groskopf, Nebraska Extension, Agricultural Economist

- Jim Jansen, Nebraska Extension, Agricultural Economist

Weed Management:  Cover Crops and Weed Control, Conventional vs. Traited, Soybean Variety Production

- Chris Proctor, Nebraska Weed Management Extension Educator

- Rodrigo Werle, Extension Cropping Systems Weed Scientist,University of Wisconsin

We are conducting replicated research at the Soybean Management Field Days sites...
learn about what we are finding out!

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