Soybean Management Field Days
Soybean Management Field Days

2020 Soybean Management Field Days Update

For over 20 years,  Soybean Management Field Days have helped soybean growers maximize productivity and profitability through smart decisions and efficient use of resources.  We’ve dealt with challenges - heavy rain, flooding, hail, high winds, and droughts.  But we adjusted and provided quality educational experiences that growers expect from Soybean Management Field Days.

Now our team is accessing how to move forward with the latest challenge, the Covid-19 pandemic.  While we don’t have an exact answer as this magazine goes to press due to the fluidity of the situation, we are committed to sharing research-based information to improve your soybean profitability and also protecting your health and safety.

We are working hard to make sure growers across the state have the opportunity to learn from ongoing research and the 2020 plots at farms in Hildreth, Elgin, Shelby, and Arlington.  Please watch for updates on this web page, on social media or contact the Nebraska Soybean Board or Nebraska Extension.

Sponsors - Nebraska Soybean Board and Nebraska Extension


SMFD Locations

2020 Locations

**IMPORTANT**:  Scheduled dates, but watch for details as plans are adjusted due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Tuesday, Aug. 11
Jerome Fritz Farm - HILDRETH, NE


Wednesday, Aug. 12
Kevin Dinslage Farm - ELGIN, NE


Thursday, Aug. 13
Bart Ruth Farm - SHELBY, NE


Friday, Aug. 14
Mike Fuchs Farm


What will you learn about?

Learn how to profitably apply the products of technology and research at the farm level.  This educational event is for you - the soybean grower and agronomic representatives supporting the soybean industry. Experts will share their knowledge and experiences as they relate to soybean production, marketing and management.

  • Marketing & Risk Management

  • Strategies for Soybean Gall Midge and Insect Management in Cover Crops

  • Drill-Interseeding Cover Crops in Soybean

  • Soybean Production and Cover Crops – Planting Rates, Row Spacing, Planting Dates, Maturity Groups, Irrigation Management



What you will learn


 The Presenters

The Presenters

Unbiased, research-based information from University presenters and industry consultants.   Updates on biodiesel use and markets are provided by the members and staff of the Nebraska Soybean Checkoff and others. 


Marketing & Risk Management

Presenters to be announced


Strategies for Soybean Gall Midge and Insect Management in Cover Crops

Justin McMechan, University of Nebraska Crop Protection and Cropping Systems Specialist    

Tom Hunt, Nebraska Extension Entomologist

Robert Wright, Nebraska Extension Entomologist


Drill-Interseeding Cover Crops in Soybean

Chris Proctor, Nebraska Weed Management Extension Educator

Katja Koehler-Cole, UNL Research Assistant Professor


Soybean Production & Cover Crops

Planting Rates, Row Spacing, Planting Dates, Maturity Groups,

Irrigation ManagementSeed, Planting and Irrigation Management

Steve Melvin, Nebraska Extension Educator, Cropping Systems

Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension Educator, Cropping Systems

Jim Specht, UNL Emeritus Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture

We are conducting replicated research at the Soybean Management Field Days sites...
learn about what we are finding out!

Research Updates

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