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Metro Extension District

About the Metro Extension District

The Metro Extension District is a part of the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension.  The Metro District connects urban audiences with research-based information from the University of Nebraska.  The Metro district seeks to connect with people and communities in Nebraska‚Äôs most populated areas and provide meaningful, educational resources dealing with issues that are important to them, such as economic, environmental, health/nutrition, and social issues.  Out website is at

The Metro Extension District includes the following counties:

Cass County Douglas-Sarpy County Washington County
Dodge County Lancaster County

Featured Programs

Learn about Metro District programs and information - visit the links to the 5 metro Extension offices to find out more.

Contact Us

Dave Ulferts, Interim Associate Director Metro Extension District, 402-554-2010,
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Dodge County Extension Directory
Douglas-Sarpy County Extension Directory
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