Beginning Friday, March 20 at 4:30 p.m., the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC), Greater Nebraska Business Center (GNBC), Husker Genetics, and the Saunders County Extension Offices will be making changes to how we serve our clientele, as the August N. Christenson Building and the ENREC facilities will be closed to the general public until further notice.

***UPDATE - June 19, 2020 - Saunders County Extension Update:   The Saunders County Extension Office will be opening June 23, 2020 with restrictions.  This is ONLY Saunders County Extension, the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center is still closed until further notification.  Updates about the opening of Saunders County Extension can be found at:  https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/saunders/.  Please cmeador2@unl.edu or call the office at 402-624-8030 with any questions or concerns.

Staff (other than Saunders County Extension - see update above) are working off-site and can be reached by email or by phone. For ENREC or GNBC inquiries, call 402-624-8000 or email enrec@unl.edu, Husker Genetics call 402-624-8020 or email huskergenetics@unl.edu, or Saunders County Extension call 402-624-8030 or email Saunders-County@unl.edu.

Updates will be posted to our website at https://enrec.unl.edu and on social media (can be found at the “follow” us link on our website).

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and all Nebraskans in its response to COVID-19. For the latest news, visit covid19.unl.edu


The Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC) near Mead, Nebraska location was formerly known as the University of Nebraska Agricultural Research and Development Center.  Contact information and directions for this location are included on this page.

Email or call (402)624-8000. 

Tour and program requests, click here.

Address & a Note About Google Maps

The physical mailing address of the ENREC headquarters is:  1071 County Road G, Ithaca, NE 68033

GPS Coordinates:

41°08'44.1"N 96°29'55.0"W

41.145583, -96.498611

Click here for the direct Google Map link.  Please note - we are still working with Google on on the correct address listing - as you need to enter Mead instead of Ithaca on Google Maps in order to get the correct location.

Detailed maps and direction  to the August N. Christenson Research and Education Building at the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center.