About ENRE

Welcome to the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension (ENRE) site.  Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension was created in 2016 to meet the diverse needs of Nebraska's rural sector and its growing urban population through the integration of research efforts and valuable programming of Nebraska Extension.

ENRE includes the Northeast and Southeast Extension Districts. A third district, the Metro Extension District, was developed to more fully meet the needs of our highly populated urban counties.

ENRE is headquartered at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC).  ENREC was formerly the University of Nebraska's Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead, Nebraska  and leverages existing land and facilities for research and education.  The proximity of the center to 70% of the population in Nebraska provides the opportunity to engage learners in research-based education in and nearby their communities.

The total territory of ENRE encompasses 53 eastern counties of Nebraska. Each district offers its own unique Extension based on the University's integrated research program. Educational programming in the area focuses heavily on the specific needs of each area providing nationally respected expertise in Beef Systems, The Learning Child, Community Environment, Community Vitality Initiative, Cropping and Water Systems, Food, Nutrition and Health, 4-H Youth Development, and Disaster Recovery Resources