Virtual Field Days

While we won't be able to offer the in-person field days this year due to the pandemic, we are actively keeping the Soybean Management Field Days plots up and running and conducting research to share with growers. We are working hard to make sure growers across the state have the opportunity to learn from ongoing research at the 2020 plots at farms near Hildreth, Elgin, Shelby, and Arlington.

We will be sharing this information with you virtually. Nebraska Extension specialists and educators will provide Soybean Management Field Days presentations and growers can view them online at a time that is convenient to them. Until then, check out these updates from the field days sites in the videos below.

Soybean Management Field Days are sponsored by the Nebraska Soybean Board in partnership with Nebraska Extension.

SMFD location map

Cover Crop Seeding Research

Nebraska Extension Educator Steve Melvin
brings you an update on interseeding
cover crops into soybeans

Cover Crop Seeding Research

Soybean Management Field Days Research
is underway! Nebraska Extension Educator

Aaron Nygren takes a closer look at what is
going on at the Arlington site.

Coming Up

Nebraska Soybean Board Executive Director
Scott Ritzman and Nebraska Extension Educator
Keith Glewen provide an update on
2020 Soybean Management Field Days