2020 Soybean Management Field Days

About 2020 Soybean Management Field Days

The 2020 Soybean Management Field Days moved online for the first time ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While we weren't able to offer in-person field days this year, we are excited to bring you Soybean Management Field Days in a virtual format. 

Active research continued at the Soybean Management Field Days locations throughout the 2020 growing season.  The virtual presentations provide an outlet for sharing information and updates from the sites with growers. 

For over 20 years, Soybean Management Field Days have helped soybean growers maximize productivity and profitability through smart decisions and efficient use of resources.  We hope that you will find the information and materials presented valuable to your operation. 

 You can enter for a chance to win prizes while helping us plan for next year by completing a short survey after watching a presentation.  Complete the surveys for chances to win the grand prize (total prize value approx. $500) - a Yeti Cooler with Nebraska Soybean logo and $200 worth of Nebraska Pork.  We will also be drawing for 4 Carhart jackets and high oleic soy grease.  Winners will be announced during the virtual Nebraska Soybean and Machinery Expo online on Dec. 17.  (Watch for details on this page.)

  Here's how: 

  1. Watch a video or listen to the podcast
  2. Complete the corresponding survey
  3. Be sure to include your name and email so we can contact you if your name is selected from the drawing
  4. Please complete a survey for each video that you watch or audio podcast that you listen to.  Watch/listen to 1 presentation = 1 entry.  Watch/listen 2 = 2 entries.  Watch/listen 5 = 5 entries.  And so on....

Videos, Podcasts, and Evaluation Links

1 -Introduction and Welcome (5:05)   Video  * Audio Podcast

2- Soybean Gall Midge: Research Updates on a New Pest of Soybean (20:01)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

3 - Managing Insects in Cover Crop Systems (16:26) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

4 - Soybean Cyst Nematode (15:17) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

5 - Frogeye Leaf Spot (10:27) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

6 - Soybean Production Costs and What’s New in Enterprise Budgeting (17:59)  Video  * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

7 - Precision Ag Technology: What are the Economics? (8:32)  Video  * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

8 - Cereal Rye Influence on Soil Nutrients and Microbial Abundance (20:25) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

9 - Interseeding Cover Crops in Soybean: Key Considerations for Success (18:24) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

10 - Interseeding Annual Ryegrass and Wheat into Soybean(3:26)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

11 - Influence of Soil Management Practices on Weed Control, Herbicide Fate and Crop Productivity (9:03)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

12 - Influence of Soil and Residue Management on Herbicide Carryover and Subsequent Crop Development (10:40)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

13 - Soybean Planting Date – Yield (5:58)  Video* Audio Podcast * Evaluation

14 - Soy Planting Date –Sunlight Capture (6:56)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

15 - Soy Planting Date – Sun Capture - Cover Crop (6:22) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

16 - Soy Planting Date – Transpire Water (9:20) Video  * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

17 - Soy Planting Date –Transpire Water- Cover Crop (5:18)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

18 - Soy Planting Date – Vegetative Growth and Reproductive Duration (5:57) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

19 - Soy Planting Date – Vegetative and Reproductive Duration - Cover Crops (2:30) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

20 - Soy Planting Date – Now vs. Then (5:13) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

21 - Soy Varietal Maturity Group Choice (5:01)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

22 - Soy Varietal Maturity Group - Cover Crop (4:06)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

23 - Seeding Depth and Rate (4:12) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

24 - Row Width (3:49) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

25 - Soil Water Use Considerations with Cover Crops in Irrigated Soybeans (7:16) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

26 - Cover Crop Water Use and Planting Considerations in Irrigated Soybeans (6:34) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

27 - SMFD Research on Soil Water Use with Cover Crops in Irrigated Soybeans (8:49) Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

28 - Scheduling Late Season Irrigation in Soybean (13:58)  Video * Audio Podcast * Evaluation

29 - Closing Thanks, Evaluation and Upcoming Report (1:35)  Video * Audio Podcast

Presentations, Grower Booklet & Contact Info

Download the booklet here   

Most of the Soybean Management Field Days presentations were recorded at the Shelby, NE field site in August in an effort to bring you a true virtual field day experience.  Nebraska Extension specialists and educators have provided presentations that growers can view whenever and wherever is most convenient.  As you view the presentations, please follow along with the link to the grower booklet, as further details/information are available.

Together, the presentations and booklet provide updates from the sites, as well as information to help growers stay current and competitive in the global marketplace and increase profits.  If you wish to contact any of the presenters, please refer to P.14 of the grower booklet.

2020 SMFD Locations

• Jerome Fritz Farm at Hildreth, NE

• Kevin Dinslage Farm at Elgin, NE

• Bart and Geoff Ruth Farm at Shelby, NE

• Mike Fuchs Farm at Arlington, NE

For More Information

  • Contact the Nebraska Soybean Board at 1-402-441-3240 or Nebraska Extension 1-800-529-8030.