Brett Kreifels

Brett Kreifels

Nebraska Extension Educator | 4-H Youth Development

Urban 4-H Coordinator, Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Team Lead


  • Masters of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Animal Science

Extension Education Focus

Brett is the Urban 4-H Coordinator and the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Team Lead. His role is to provide leadership to the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Program, which consists of the Community Club Program, STEM School Enrichment Program, After School Program and the Sarpy County Fair. He engages potential and existing partners to assist with programming for our Omaha-Metro youth through content or monetary resources. Brett serves on a number of advisory committees within the Nebraska 4-H program specifically the Nebraska State Fair 4-H Management Committee, 4-H Policy Committee, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals Committee and the Nebraska Cooperative Extension Assoc. Vice President Role. Furthermore, Brett is responsible for training 4-H staff and volunteers on 4-H curriculum and delivery. Besides administrative work, Brett teaches a number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics and engineering as well as Agriculture to Kindergarten through 12th grade youth. Finally, Brett lends leadership to the poultry and rabbit shows at the Sarpy County Fair.

Current Educational Offerings

  • STEM and Ag School Enrichment
  • Sarpy County Fair: 4-H Poultry, Rabbit, and Cavy Shows
  • Nebraska State Fair: 4-H Poultry Show
  • City Chickens 101 Course
  • Premier Animal Science Event (PASE) 4-H Poultry Judging Team Coach

Publications | Curriculum

  • Acreage Insight Articles:
    • An Acreage Alternative-Coturnix Quail
    • Poultry Predator Prevention on the Acreage
    • Regulations regarding the sale of animal products
    • Which Breed is Best For You
    • Keeping Livestock Healthy During The Season Changes
    • Should I be worried about Avian Influenza?
    • Winter Management Practices for Goats
    • Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Food Safety Modules

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