Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Screening

The Nebraska 4-H Youth Development and Dodge County 4-H Programs require all 4-H volunteers/leaders working with youth to complete the following by 4:30 pm on June 15, 2023:

Each club is required to have an organizational leader. It is critical that we have all the leaders complete enrollment.

Volunteers are responsible for covering volunteer screening fees at the time the screening is submitted. Currently, the cost of screening is $5.00. There is a standard link that is to be used for all 4-H Volunteers. It is important that you use this link as it is directly associated with Nebraska 4-H. Please contact Nebraska Extension in Dodge County for the correct link or access the link directly at the end of enrollment on 4honline. 

 4-H Policy & Procedures Handbook - 4-H Volunteer
University of Nebraska Youth Activities Safety Policy

Any adult currently working (or planning to work) with one or more 4-H youth in a non-public setting will be required to follow this policy.  The purpose of this screening is to ensure the safety of our 4-H members. Although this screening process does not guarantee absolute safety, it does provide reasonable precautions and a statement of intent to provide an environment for our youth.

Dodge County 4-H Leaders who submit a completed 4-H Volunteer Enrollment, Code of Conduct, 4-H Volunteer Screening and Activity Worker Guidelines by the deadline will receive accident insurance through the Dodge County 4-H Program and general liability coverage through the University of Nebraska.  

Failure to complete and submit these forms by the deadline will restrict volunteers from being enrolled as a Dodge County 4-H Leader. In addition, the Dodge County 4-H Program will NOT extend the accident insurance and the University of Nebraska will NOT extend the general liability coverage to you as a 4-H (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension) volunteer.  If you have any questions, please contact the Nebraska Extension Office in Dodge County at (402) 727-2775 or Nebraska 4-H Program Administrator, Dr. Kathleen Lodl at (402) 472-2966.

2023 Dodge County 4-H Volunteer Enrollment

Completed online enrollment due by 4:30pm on June 15, 2023.
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