Dodge County 4-H Month Special Project

On Saturday, April 23, all 4-H youth, club leaders, volunteers, and parents are invited to join us at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Scribner for a special FREE workshop. 4-H, in partnership with the Nutrition Education Program (NEP), will be building Little Free Pantries as a county wide service, leadership, and educational activity.

Little Free Pantries are designed to provide temporary emergency assistance to those in need of food who do not have immediate access to food support resources. 4-H clubs will be asked to help support with maintenance, filling, and monitoring of the pantry in their community. Each pantry will have about 5 cubic feet of storage space and will be mounted above the ground like a Little Free Library.

We hope that you will help support this fun and engaging opportunity for new growth in Dodge County 4-H. Within a year, our hope is to have a thriving pantry in each Dodge County community that is decorated with 4-H, NEP, Extension, and UNL logos - providing food, hygiene products, and Extension resources to people in need.

4-H is engaged in Dodge County, and this project will remind everyone that community-oriented young leaders that are learning valuable lessons in 4-H!

Please call the Dodge County Extension Office at 402-727-2775 for more information and to let us know if you would like to attend the workshop. 

Little Free Pantry