2022 Dodge County 4-H Public Speaking Contest Results

On April 21, the Dodge County 4-H Public Speaking Contest was hosted by the Masonic Eastern Star Home for Children. This year, 21 area youth presented a Speech or PSA at the Public Speaking Contest. Competition was split into three age groups – Junior 8-10; Intermediate 11-13; and Senior 14-18. The top 2 youth in Intermediate and Senior Speech, the top 2 youth in Intermediate PSA, and the top 5 youth in Senior PSA have qualified for the State Public Speaking contest in June. Juniors are not eligible for state. The Dodge County 4-H Public Speaking Contest was sponsored by the Dodge County 4-H Council and Dodge County 4-H Foundation. Congratulations to all contestants!

Here are the ribbon, award, and state qualification results from the 2022 Dodge County 4-H Public Speaking & PSA Contest:

Junior Speech -  Vanessa Kriete, Purple, Austin Abrahams, Purple & Reserve Champion. Leah Hartman, Purple &  Champion

Intermediate Speech – Qualified for State - Aurora Hamilton, Purple & Reserve Champion,  Kelsey Bunn, Purple &  Champion

Senior Speech - Cadence Maddalena, Purple, Cameron Curtis, Purple, Jennifer Hernandez, Purple, Taylor Dalziel, Purple, Draven Riffel, Purple & Res. Champion - Qualified, Paige Bunn, Purple & Champion - Qualified

Junior PSA - Vanessa Kriete, Purple & Champion

Intermediate PSA – Qualified for State - Cole Risch, Blue,  Porsche Prado, Purple & Champion

Senior PSA -  Zoe Fischer, Blue, Baleigh McElroy, Blue, Alex Preister, Purple, XanDreah Mehaffey, Purple & Qualified Aiden Hobson, Purple & Qualified, Chase Hartman, Purple & Qualified, Evan Hartman, Purple & Res. Champion - Qualified, Alexa Brodd, Purple & Champion - Qualified