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Cattle with calves in summer pasture
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Recent Beef Webinar

Principles for Improving Conception Rates with Estrus Synchronization and AI

April 2018
Dr. Rick Funston, Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiologist
West Central Research and Extension Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - April Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Stretching Grass while Maintaining Cattle in the Pasture
 • General Management Considerations to Increase the Proportion of Early Calving Heifers and Cows
 • Manure's Impact on Yield, Nitrogen, and Carbon
 • Controlling Horn Flies on Pastured Cattle
For more information on these and other topics or to view archived newsletters, visit UNL BeefWatch.

Recent Beef Webinar

Heat Stress Mitigation in Feedlot Cattle

March 2018
Terry Mader, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Professor Emeritus
Mader Consulting, LLC

Utilizing Annual Forages as part of a Diversified Production System – A Producer's Perspective

(March 2018) In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, the Peterson family who own and operate Plum Thicket Farms near Gordon share how they utilize annual forages as part of their diversified crop and cattle operation. Learn more.

Ranching for Profitability Webinars now Available for Viewing

Adding a Sheep Enterprise to a Cow-Calf Operation – A Producer's Perspective

(February 2018) In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Brock Terrell from Hay Springs shares how his family added a sheep enterprise to their operation. Learn more.

Health and Management of the Nursing Calf – New NebGuide Released

photo of cow calf pair
Photo courtesy of Groves Ranch, Ashby, Nebraska.

Drs. Karla Jenkins (Ph.D.) and Brian Vander Ley (DVM) recently released a new NebGuide titled "Health and Management of the Nursing Calf."  This NebGuide highlights management practices prior to and after calving that can help ensure calf health.  Nutrition management of the cow prior to calving, importance of colostrum consumption, what constitutes a first "meal",  segregation of calves by age as well as rumen development, and vaccination are reviewed.  A BeefWatch podcast titled "Health and Management of the Nursing Calf" discusses the content of the NebGuide and its application for cow-calf producers.

Recent Producer Question

(December 2017) I have a lot of downed corn ears in my field, I have heard of this rumen inoculant that I can give to avoid acidosis. Is this something I should use? Learn more.

2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report

(November 2017) The 2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report is now available. Learn more.


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