Garden County Livestock Record Books Now Available

In 2018, Garden County has optional livestock record books that can be completed and entered at the fair.  These are due at 8:00 Saturday morning of the fair. No late record books will be excepted. Regardless of species, all age groups will compete for a cash prize. The top junior (8-10 yrs old) will receive $25, top intermediate (11-13 yrs old) will receive $50, and the top senior (14-18) will receive $75. You are encouraged to enter a book for each of your species. However, entering one for each species will only increase your chances at the top award because you have more options to choose from. We are looking for completeness and thoughtful answers!

Juniors - 8-10 years old

Intermediates - 11-13 years old

Seniors - 14-18 years old

You are allowed to download the above excel files, edit and print at home. We suggest you print each page individually instead of printing entire workbook at one time. You may need to select "Scale to one Page" when you print to get it print on one page. If you do not want to print, you can come to the office to get a hard copy that youth can write on.