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2018 Fairbook

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Garden County Livestock Record Book

In 2018, Garden County has optional livestock record books that can be completed and entered at the fair.  These are due at 8:00 Saturday morning of the fair. No late record books will be excepted. Regardless of species, all age groups will compete for a cash prize. The top junior (8-10 yrs old) will receive $25, top intermediate (11-13 yrs old) will receive $50, and the top senior (14-18) will receive $75. You are encouraged to enter a book for each of your species. However, entering one for each species will only increase your chances at the top award because you have more options to choose from. We are looking for completeness and thoughtful answers!

Juniors - 8-10 years old

Intermediates - 11-13 years old

Seniors - 14-18 years old

You are allowed to download the above excel files, edit and print at home. We suggest you print each page individually instead of printing entire workbook at one time. You may need to select "Scale to one Page" when you print to get it print on one page. If you do not want to print, you can come to the office to get a hard copy that youth can write on.

Youth Quality Care Assurance(YQCA)

Youth Quality Care Animal  New link to Quality Assurance

YQCA Certification Instructions

All livestock members are REQUIRED to pass YQCA training before participating in the fair. A FINAL opprituny to attend a Face-to-Face training will take place May 1 at 6:30pm at the 4-H Exhibit Hall Chappell. Deuel-Garden Counties youth are encouraged to attend the final Face-to-Face training, which is $3. If you opt to do the modules on your own, it will cost you $12 per youth.
In order to participate, you must sign up on-line and pay prior to Wednesday morning. We are going to provide breakfast and need an accurate count so the sooner the better!! Here is the information from the email sent out earlier with directions to sign up:
Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is the national quality assurance program we will be using this year. It is very simple to use! First, you must re-enroll on 4HOnline or none of this will work – go to https://ne.4honline.com. (If you need your password reset, please call the office for assistance.) Once you have that completed, you go to https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/LoginYou will then use your log in information from 4HOnline to get into the system. Please do not sign up as an independent! Once in as a family, you have to sign in as each youth so that they have the correct courses for their age level. Once in, you will get to a page that has all of the course options listed by age. Your child’s correct one will be highlighted. Select it. Then you will need to decide if the youth is going to do the online version for $12 or the Instructor Led face-to-face class for $3

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Animal Ownership Affidavits (ID Sheets) and Other Animal/Livestock Forms
Due June 15

 Animal Ethics Affidavit- Due at Fair Weigh-in

Hormel Swine Affidavit

Animal Project RECORD SHEET


Deuel County Livestock Auction Information Form - Word  PDF 


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