North Panhandle Farm & Ranch Resources

Calving Time

  1. The importance of colostrum and the use of colstrum replacements in newborn calves

  2. The impacts of cold weather on calf weights

  3. Are you ready for calving?

  4. Helping baby calves start breathing

  5. Effects of calving difficultry and confined calving on sickness

  6. Planning for a good calving season

  7. Care of the newborn immediately after calving

  8. Assisting the beef cow at calving

  9. Passive Immune Status within 24 Hours of Birth and Long-Term Health and Performance of Calves


  1. Coccidiosis in the Fall

  2. Proper Injection Sites to Remember at Calf-Working Time

  3. Understanding Vaccines

  4. Management, Health, and Nutritional Considerations for Weaning Calves

Backgrounding and Yearling

  1. Low Cost Option for Growing Calves: Corn Residue Grazing with Distillers Grain Supplementation

  2. Consider Storing Distillers Grains for Fall and Winter Use

  3. Management Strategies to Reduce Stress at Weaning and Improve Calf Performance

Bull Selection and Management

  1. Sorting Out the Bull

  2. Using EPDs and Economic Index Values

  3. Genetic Considerations for the Beef Herd- Dr. Matt Spangler, webinar

  4. EPD Basics and Definitions- Nebguide

  5. Economic Indexes for Beef Sire Selection - Nebguide

  6. DNA Technology : Where we've been, where we are, where we are headed - Beef Improvement Federation Proceedings 2012

  7. DNA Tests for Genetic Improvement of Beef Cattle- Nebguide


  1. Estrous Synchronization Considerations for Your Beef Herd

  2. Using Progesterone to Induce Estrous in Late-Calving Cows for AI or Natural Service

  3. Definite Advantages to Calves Born in the First 21 Days of the Calving Season

  4. Selecting and Developing Replacement Heifers

  5. Protein Supplementation in the Summer?

  6. The Benefits of Estrous Synchronization

  7. Early Pregnancy Detection

Rental Rate Values

1. Ag Economics Rental Rate Preliminary Data 2017

Careers in Agriculture

1. 300 Careers in Ag