Purpose: Any person who feels that a violation of the rules or regulations of the Dakota-Thurston 4-H County Fairbook has occurred, must go through a protest/appeals process. This appeals process covers all 4-H contests, static exhibits, and livestock exhibits/shows.

 Set-Up: The committee would be made up of the following: (each serving for a one year term)

  • Each county 4-H Council President (2 members)
  • One other 4-H Council member from each county (2 members)
  • Two fairboard members, one from each county (2 members)
  • The chair from the committee in which the grievance was submitted (1 member)

Total: 7


  • Each grievance must be written and submitted by the exhibitor to Dakota-Thurston County Extension Office Staff.
  • Protests for pre-fair events must be filed within 24 hours or close of next business day.
  • Protests for fair exhibits/shows will not be accepted after the exhibit release time.
  • Each individual will need to pay a $50.00 filing fee for the grievance. Filing fee will be refunded upon positive settlement
  • All grievances will be kept on file for 2 years.


THE GRIEVANCE PROCESS IS NOT FOR MISSED DEADLINES. (ex. Drop/Add, Horse Entry, Horse Affidavit, Livestock Affidavit, YQCA, Pre-Fair Entries) Refer to 4-H & General Rules 8 and 19 on late policies.