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 November 13,  2017


Larry Howard

Extension Educator

Nebraska Extension

Serving Cuming County

Using Sodium Bicarbonate to Manage Cows Grazing Downed Corn

In recent weeks, there have been numerous reports of producers continuing to deal with excess corn in fields that will be grazed by cattle.  There have been questions if feeding sodium bicarbonate either free choice or added in the water can be done and then turn cows out to graze.  Mary Drewnoski, UNL Beef Systems Specialist has just shared the following that is useful.

Most of the work with sodium bicarbonate is adding it to the diet and evaluating how it works to prevent acidosis in grain adapted animals. These animals have a population of bacteria built up that can use lactic acid, which is produced by other bacteria in the rumen when digesting corn. Thus, the sodium bicarbonate will be neutralizing mostly other acids (such as propionate and acetate) that are not as strongly acidic as lactic acid. The improvement (increase) in ruminal pH, even in these situations is inconsistent. Feeding sodium bicarbonate does sometimes increase ruminal pH and other times, it has not. The amounts tested vary. Sometimes it appears to have an effect at 1 to 1.5% of the diet, but then has not worked at that level or even higher levels, like 5% of the diet. From these experiences, using sodium bicarbonate to control even subacute acidosis is unreliable at best.

Additionally, the issue with grazing cows on downed corn is that we are essentially feeding corn to un-adapted animals. In this case, the goal is to have the sodium bicarbonate neutralize a great deal of a very strong acid (lactic acid) that is being produced. Thus, providing even high amounts of sodium bicarbonate (or other buffers) and expecting it to maintain increased ruminal pH is unrealistic.

Lastly, in the situations where we feed sodium bicarbonate, either free choice or in the water, the intake will be inconsistent and not related to the amount of corn consumed. Also, when providing it in the water some animals will be deterred from drinking.

Therefore, Drewnoski would not recommend depending on sodium bicarbonate in the water or providing free choice to prevent acidosis (grain overload) when cattle are grazing downed corn. Instead, the best management practice is to adapt the rumen bacteria to corn to increase the number of lactic acid using bacteria. See an article on the Beef Website titled “Down Corn: Problem or Opportunity for Cattle Producers?” ( https://beef.unl.edu/down-corn-problem-or-opportunity-cattle-producers ) for information on how to adapt cattle.  This article has a good table as a quick guide for allocating corn residue with excessive ear drop to cows as well as a spreadsheet that can be downloaded to help calculate the acres to allocate based on the number of animals and amount of corn.  Both resources are useful in this situation.

Cattle that become acidotic for even a short time can have reduced performance long term due to damage to the rumen wall. Therefore, taking the time to avoid acidosis is very important.


Medicare Part D Enrollment Begins October 15

The annual Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D-the prescription drug benefit-is earlier this year.  The enrollment dates for 2018 Medicare Part D policies are October 15 through December 7; coverage begins January 1, 2018.

Everyone who is currently enrolled in a drug plan, and those who will be new to Medicare beginning in January, should seek a drug plan comparison.  Debra Schroeder, Extension Educator Emeritus and Trained SHIIP Professional, and Nancy Nemec and Sandy Boots, trained SHIIP Volunteers will be conducting nineteen (19) Medicare Part D Drug Plan comparison events in Cuming County.  Events will be held at the St Francis Memorial Hospital, at 430 North Monitor West Point.  Contact St Francis Memorial Hospital at 402-372-2404 to make an appointment. Enter through the main entrance of the hospital and Clinic.  Appointments will be on the second-floor meeting rooms near the cafeteria.  You will need to bring your Medicare card and a list of prescription drugs you take.  Dates available are as follows:


  • Thursday, November 16 1:00 – 4:00
  • Friday, November 17 1:00 – 4:00
  • Monday November 20 10:00 – 2:00
  • Tuesday, November 28 10:00 – 2:00
  • Thursday, November 30 1:00 – 7:00


  • Friday, December 1  9:00 -Noon  and 1:00- 4:00
  • Monday, December 4 10:00 – 2:00
  • Tuesday, December 5 9:00 – Noon
  • Wednesday, December 6 1:00 – 4:00
  • Thursday, December 7 10:00 – 2:00  This is the last day to sign up as set through the National system. 

Once you are enrolled in a Part D plan, you can continue coverage with your plan from one year to the next provided the drug plan continues to be offered in Nebraska.  However, nearly all drug insurance plans have changes each year which may be in the form of premiums charges, deductibles, co-pay or co-insurance amounts, drugs covered or stipulations you will be subject to before your drug plan will cover a medication you may need.  The only way to know if your current drug plan is your best option for the year of 2018, is by having a drug plan comparison done.  There is no cost for this service provided by the volunteers in cooperation with Franciscan Care Services. It is all confidential and once you leave the office, the records are in strictest confidence.

Should you have other questions, Debra Schroeder, Extension Educator Emeritus and Trained SHIIP Professional can be reached  at 402-372-3376.  Also available to assist you is Diane White, director of the West Point Sunshine Center.  She may be reached at 402-72-3800.   Also volunteering theier services are Sandy Boots and Nancy Nemec. You may also want to contact the SHIIP office directly at 1-800-234-7119.  A complete list of Medicare Part D enrollment events can be found on the Cuming County Extension website at: www.cuming.unl.edu


SOURCE:  Debra E Schroeder, Extension Educator Emeritus

RELEASE DATE:  November 13 – December 4, 2017

Top 4-H Members Take a Bow at 2017 Achievement Day  

Winning top honors at the 2017 4-H Achievement Day were:  Lauren Jacobsen, Payton Schiller and Jessica Svoboda.

The American Youth Foundation “I Dare You” awards are presented to members showing leadership and achievement in the Cuming County 4-H Program.  We have record of who has earned this award in Cuming County back to 1951.  In the group are many outstanding individuals that have provided leadership and service to their communities and the nation from the lifetime skills they developed in Cuming County 4-H program.  The program is designed to challenge the recipients to not only continue their good works but to go the extra mile to excel in all they do in 4-H, school, church and community.

Our first recipient is Lauren Jacobsen who strives to do her best in everything she does.  She is involved in Student Council at Wisner-Pilger high school, is a junior leader and participates in a variety of sport activities.  In her 4-H club, she always comes ready to lead.  She always has a positive attitude and is very attentive at all club activities.  She is always ready to volunteer and input ideas.  She also represented Cuming County and Nebraska 4-H at National Club Congress in 2014. She is a member of Peppy Pepper’s 4-H Club and is the daughter of Tim and Tracy Jacobsen of Wisner.

Our second winner is Payton Schiller.  Payton has developed many leadership skills in her 4-H club and community.  Not only is she talented academically, she has been a well-rounded 4-H member who has demonstrated strong leadership abilities.  She has demonstrated leadership by representing youth as a junior member on the 4-H Council, participating on county judging teams, held several offices in her club and has a passion for working with animals. She will also be representing Cuming County and Nebraska 4-H at National Club Congress later this month.  She is a member of Kornhusker Kids 4-H Club and is the daughter of Chris and Michelle Schiller of Scribner.

The 4-H Outstanding Service Award recognizes Jessica Svoboda as a member who has committed her time to the Cuming County 4-H program and 4-H club over her entire 4-H career.  This year’s recipient is a positive role model to younger member.  Jessica is always willing to help keep the 4-H club running, has taken advantage of what 4-H has to offer by participating in a wide variety of projects, and is a great Junior Leader.  Jessica will step up to the plate to help without being asked and will get younger members to join in.  She also represented Cuming County and Nebraska 4-H at National Club Congress in 2016. She is a member of Peppy Pepper’s 4-H Club and is the daughter of Ken and Jolene Svoboda of Pender.


SOURCE:  Melissa Nordboe, Extension Assistant

RELEASE DATE:  November 13, 2017

Celebrating a Year of Success: Leaders and Members Recognized for Years of Service and Achievements

4-H Achievement Day is a chance for the Cuming County 4-H program to recognize its outstanding 4-H members and leaders for their accomplishments throughout the year and during their 4-H career.

Chris Schiller, President of the 4-H Council served as the Master of Ceremonies.  The welcome was given by Payton Schiller;

The invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge were led by Becca Thompson and Kaleb Hasenkamp.

A pork dinner was prepared and served by Kevin and John Klitz.  Expenses for the meal and door prizes were provided by the 4-H Council from the funds raised from the Silent Auction and the  4-H Country Kitchen.  Other contributors to the dinner were Cuming County Pork Producers, McDonald’s Restaurant, Hiland Dairy and the Jacobsen and Linder families.

Jessica Svoboda was honored for showing an exceptional amount of service to the 4-H program throughout her years as a 4-Her.  She received the Outstanding Service Award for her efforts.

The American Youth “I Dare You” awards are presented to members showing outstanding leadership and achievement to the Cuming County 4-H program. Receiving these honors this year were Lauren Jacobsen and Payton Schiller.

Achievement Day also served as the public recognition for Lauren Jacobsen who has successfully completed all six levels of 4-H Diamond Clover program.  The title of her project was “Alzheimer’s Activity Mats”.  Her goal was to develop 30 activity mats for Alzheimer’s patients and deliver the mats to five area nursing homes.  Each mat took at least 5 hours to complete.  Through this project, she as developed skills in time and resources management, responsibility, managing volunteer efforts, and experienced personal gratification in delivering the finished mats and seeing them quickly used by the Alzheimer’s patients.

Another recipient who was honored at Achievement Day also served as the public recognition for Samantha Linder who has successfully completed all six levels of 4-H Diamond Clover program.  The title of her project was “Supplies for Students”.  Her goal was to help students of all ages and their families with purchasing school supplies for those who need extra help to work at home with their families to catch up and keep up with class work.  She also read during story hour at several area libraries as well as distributed books to area food pantries and at other public events. 

Nicki White of Cuming County Public Power District presented the following 4-H’ers with their electrical energy awards.  Winning Reserve Champion overall was Ian Schiller for his Electricity 1-Conducting Things and receiving Champion Overall was Baxter Beutler for his Electrical Tool Kit.

The 2017 Judging Team Coaches were recognized and thanked for their dedicated efforts in working with the teams.  Volunteer coaches were: Livestock: Lee Schroeder; Meats Identification: Wade Overturf and Jordan Fullner. 

During Achievement Day we reviewed the accomplishments of those who participated in the Meats and Livestock Judging.

Meats Identification Judging Coach Wade Overturf honored the members of the 2017 Meats Identification team with certificates.  Certificates were presented to: Kendra Paasch, Payton Schiller, Matthew Rolf, Felicity Vargo, Nathan Hatterman, Zach Paasch, Andrew Borgelt, Brandon Sindelar, Levi Schiller, and Lauren Buhrman.

Kendra Paasch, Matthew Rolf, Payton Schiller and Felicity Vargo will all receive awards for competing at the National Meats Competition.  Nathan Hatterman will be receiving an award for participating on the Meats team throughout his graduation from the 4-H program.

Receiving certificates for their participation on the Livestock Judging Team were: Connor Klitz, Ross Klitz, Megan Schroeder, Blake Guenther, Colby Heller, Payton Schiller, Layne Miller, Elizabeth Karnopp, Kaleb Hasenkamp, Evie Schlickbernd, Felicity Vargo Andrew Borgelt, Levi Schiller, Logan Buhrman, Cameryn Bellar, Owen Heller, Anna Karnopp, Landon Hasenkamp, Carter Stratman, Emma Heller, Jack Ritter, and Addisyn Albers.

Connor Klitz, Ross Klitz, Megan Schroeder and Blake Guenther will be receiving awards for competing at the National Livestock Judging Event.

Receiving certificates for their participation on the Skill-A-Thon Team were: Blake Guenther, Connor Klitz, Ross Klitz, Kendra Paasch, Layne Miller, Payton Schiller, Megan Schroeder, Felicity Vargo.


Ramsey Arduser, Emereson Bellar, Baylor Beutler, Kadence Blum, Carter Bramlet, Hudson Bramlet, Jessi Brester, Josh Brester, Lance Brester, Tucker Buderus, River Butts, Spencer Cooney, Charlie Dinslage, Myles Dinslage, Charlie Doyle, Brandon Hagedorn, Austin Hatterman, James Hunzeker, Austin Kamm, Ava Karnopp, Ian Kreikemeier, Issie Kreikemeier, Jorja Larsen, Evan Lauck, Wyatt Miserez, Jesa Montgomery, Josephine Moyer, Katrina Moyer, Walker Ott, Liam Peabody, Mitchell Plagge, Kylie Roeber, Brayden Rolf, Chesney Ruskamp, Jocelyn Russman, Campbell Snodgrass, Chloe Sprieck, Trey Stewart, Claire Stutzman, Erica Stutzman, Rebecca Thompson, Hayden Throener, Anna Uhing, Garett Wheeler, Isaac Wooldrik.


Cameryn Bellar, Jaden Berlin, Baxter Beutler, Alyssa Buchholz, Lauren Buhrman, Joshua Butts, Caleb Combs, Jackson Cooney, Trent Dunn, Dayton Gentrup, Tara Gentrup, Andie Guenther, Peri Guenther, Allison Harstick, Landon Hasenkamp, Slade Heller, Ryan Hrbek, Peyton Hutchinson, Gavin Kreikemeier, Halle Kreikemeier, Grace Meiergerd, Alix Nolting, Audra Nolting, Mercede Roberts, Ian Schiller, Alexis Wuestewald.


Chase Albers, Mersadies Buderus, Trevor Cargill, Kaitlyn Combs, Mikaela Flores, Sophie Glaubius, Megan Groth, Rachel Groth, Emily Hatterman, Hannah Hrbek, Cole Jacobsen, Lauren Jacobsen, Leigh Jahnke, Dylan Ludwig, Ryan McBride, Krista Ott, Logan Polenske, Emily Reeson, Zachary Ritter, Megan Schroeder, Kali Stratman, Bryce Ulrich, Shelby Vesely, Anna Wooldrik.


Alex Ausdemore, Kelsey Cargill, Marci Franzluebbers, Sophie Glaubius, Blake Guenther, Kiley Guenther, Nathan Hatterman, Tiffany Johnson, Connor Klitz, Hannah Kreikemeier, Ryan McBride, Allissa Meyer, Grace Neiman, Krista Ott, Braden Peters, Jamie Plagge, Nolan Plagge, Emily Reeson, Shelby Vesely, Dalton Wieneke. 


2 Years of Service: Melissa Blum, Wendy Cooney, Kelly Dinslage, Katie Engel, Brandon Mohlfeld, Dalton Mohlfeld, Jeff Stewart.

5 Years of Service: Bonnie Ahrens, Emily Guenther Motis, Karina Hasenkamp, Rachel Macklin, Larry Merchen, Karin Paasch, Chris Schiller, Michelle Schiller, Kari Ritter.

10 Years of Service: Tim Polenske.

15 Years of Service: Terry Petersen.

30 Years of Service:  Cindy Stratman.

40 Years of Service:  Terry Buderus.

55 Years of Service:  Ina Glaubius.  Ina was also a nominee for the Lifetime Volunteer of the Year Award.


4-H Event Vouchers would not be possible without the support of business and individual donations.

4-H Event Vouchers - $75.00 to be used at statewide 4-H Camps, 4-H Club Congress, Citizenship Washington Focus or other 4-H Leadership Events: Audrey Glaubius, Kaleb Hasenkamp, Ethan Kreikemeier, Samantha Linder, Audra Nolting, Brandon Sindelar, Reece Snodgrass, Cole Jacobsen, Lucy Larsen, Payton Schiller, Tyson Snodgrass, Jessica Svoboda, Rebecca Thompson, Anna Wooldrik, Hannah McGill, Ronny Petersen, Lauren Jacobsen, Leigh Jahnke.

4-H Event Vouchers - $30.00 to be used at 4-H Clover Colleges, 4-H Camps, 4-H Club Congress, Citizenship Washington Focus other 4-H Leadership Event: Evan Howell, Sydney Hutchinson, Jorja Larsen, Grace Meiergerd, Claire Paasch, Faith Peatrowsky, Greta Wooldrik, Jordan Howell, Halle Kreikemeier, Emily Oligmueller, Hunter Wegner, Alexis Wuestewald, Cole Hutchinson, Saige Miserez, Paige Rolf, Levi Schiller, Kayla Svoboda, Evelyn Wooldrik.

4-H Event Vouchers Sponsored by Cuming County 4-H Council –

$10.00 to be used at Cuming County Day Camp:  Blaine Bellar, Baylor Beutler, Charlie Dinslage, Lucas Engel, Devin Frisch, McKenzie Marksmeier, Sylvia Meiergerd, Evan Peterson, Kylie Roeber, Blake Wegner, Henry Wooldrik, Peyton Hutchinson, Allie Kaup, Simon Kreikemeier, Taylyn Maas, Kayleigh Marksmeier, Katrina Moyer, Ian Schiller, Claire Stutzman, Baxter Beutler, Landon Buck, Jackson Cooney, Myles Dinslage, Landon Hasenkamp, Austin Kamm, Landree Loseke, Lily Meiergerd, Josephine Moyer, Alix Nolting, Max Peterson, Logan Rolf, Campbell Snodgrass.

National Club Congress Representative:  Cole Jacobsen – Science & Technology; Samantha Linder – Consumer & Family Science; Alternate – Payton Schiller – Animal Science; Samantha Linder – Leadership & Citizenship; Felicity Vargo – Healthy Lifestyle Education.

2017 STATE RECORD BOOK Contestants:  Kaleb Hasenkamp – Science & Technology; Cole Jacobsen – Leadership & Citizenship; Felicity Vargo – Environmental Education & Earth Science.

National 4-H Conference & Other Events: Audrey Glaubius, Lauren Jacobsen, Ronny Petersen, Jessica Svoboda, Samantha Linder, Cole Jacobsen, Payton Schiller.

2017 District Nominees

Audrey Glaubius – Citizenship & Leadership; Communications & Expressive Arts; Consumer & Family Science; Healthy Lifestyles.

Kaleb Hasenkamp – Animal Science; Citizenship & Leadership; Science & Technology.

Cole Hutchinson – Science & Technology.

Hannah McGill – Citizenship & Leadership; Consumer & Family Science; Healthy Lifestyles; Plant Science.

Saige Miserez – Consumer & Family Science; Healthy Lifestyles.

Audra Nolting – Animal Science; Communication & Expressive Arts; Consumer & Family Science.

Levi Schiller- Animal Science; Citizenship & Leadership; Science & Technology.

Brandon Sindelar – Animal Science; Citizenship & Leadership; Healthy Lifestyles.

Reece Snodgrass - Animal Science; Healthy Lifestyles; Plant Science.

Tyson Snodgrass – Animal Science; Communication & Expressive Arts; Plant Science.

Kayla Svoboda – Citizenship & Leadership.

Rebecca Thompson – Consumer & Family Science.

Anna Wooldrik – Citizenship & Leadership.

Subject matter and curriculum award winners include:


Int – Audrey Glaubius, Kaleb Hasenkamp

Senior – Payton Schiller


Junior – Landon Hasenkamp

Int – Levi Schiller


Senior – Ronny Petersen


Junior – Charlie Dinslage


Junior – Kylie Roeber


Junior – Myles Dinslage


Junior – Katrina Moyer

Int – Emily Oligmueller


Junior – Myles Dinslage, Austin Kamm, Lily Meiergerd, Claire Paasch

Int – Emily Oligmueller, Kayla Svoboda

Senior – Jessica Svoboda


Junior – Kayleigh Marksmeier, Katrina Moyer, Kylie Roeber 


Junior – Baylor Beutler, Campbell Snodgrass

Senior – Rebecca Thompson


Junior – Alix Nolting

Int – Audra Nolting


Junior – Baxter Beutler


Senior – Cole Jacobsen


Peri Guenther, Ava Karnopp, Katrina Moyer


Junior – Faith Peatrowsky


Junior – Josephine Moyer, Katrina Moyer, McKenzie Marksmeier

Int – Emily Oligmueller

Senior – Hannah McGill


Int – Jordan Howell


Junior – Blake Wegner

Int – Hunter Wegner

Senior – Ronny Petersen


Junior – Lily Meiergerd


Junior – Grace Meiergerd

Senior – Lauren Jacobsen


Junior – Josephine Moyer, Claire Paasch, Faith Peatrowsky

Int – Samantha Linder, Saige Miserez, Audra Nolting

Senior – Rebecca Thompson


Junior Greta Wooldrik

Int – Samantha Linder, Levi Schiller

Senior – Tyson Snodgrass


Junior – Jorja Larsen


Junior Myles Dinslage, Claire Paasch

Int. – Cole Hutchinson, Samantha Linder, Kayla Svoboda

Senior – Payton Schiller, Rebecca Thompson


Int – Alexis Wuestewald


Junior – Taylyn Maas

Int – Audrey Glaubius, Audra Nolting, Alexis Wuestewald

Senior – Jessica Svoboda


Int – Levi Schiller


Junior – Austin Kamm


Junior – Ian Schiller, Campbell Snodgrass

Int – Audrey Glaubius

Senior – Payton Schiller


Junior – Jorja Larsen

Int – Alexis Wuestewald


Junior – Baxter Beutler


Senior – Cole Jacobsen


Int – Hunter Wegner


Junior – Logan Rolf, Ian Schiller


Int – Logan Rolf


Junior – Austin Kamm, Chloe Sprieck


Junior – Landon Buck, Landon Hasenkamp, Ian Schiller

Int – Cole Jacobsen


Level 1 – Amethyst

Baylor Beutler, Charlie Dinslage, Devin Frisch, Allie Kaup, Simon Kreikemeier, Sylvia Meiergerd, Evan Peterson, Blake Wegner, Henry Wooldrik.

Level 2 – Aquamarine

Baxter Beutler, Jackson Cooney, Myles Dinslage, Evan Howell, Austin Kamm, Jorja Larsen, Landree Loseke, Grace Meiergerd, Lily Meiergerd, Josephine Moyer, Alix Nolting, Faith Peatrowsky, Max Peterson, Logan Rolf, Campbell Snodgrass, Chloe Sprieck, Hunter Wegner, Greta Wooldrik.

Level 3 – Ruby

Jordan Howell, Halle Kreikemeier, Emily Oligmueller, Paige Rolf, Evelyn Wooldrik, Alexis Wuestewald.

Level 4 – Sapphire

Audrey Glaubius, Ethan Kreikemeier, Audra Nolting, Reece Snodgrass, Anna Wooldrik.

Level 5 – Emerald

Lucy Larsen, Samantha Linder.

Level 6 – Diamond

Hannah McGill, Tyson Snodgrass.

Level 6 – Diamond Clover COMPLETE

Lauren Jacobsen, Samantha Linder.

Cloverbuds – Membership Certificates: Grady Arduser, Barrett Beutler, Harper Dinslage, Amirah Doescher, Jocelyn Gerken, Danika Holtz, Tucker Marx, Colin Peabody, Alli Ritter, Levi Strehle, Peyton Engel, Jordyn Hamata, Noland Hasenkamp, Caleigh Hensel, Mason Leonard, Addison Marksmeier, Charley Meier, Jaxon Pierce, Kadence Rosendahl, Tucker Steffen, Allan Wilson, Ryan Wuestewald.

Cloverbuds Graduating into 4-H received a record book cover from the 4-H Council: Ramsey Arduser, Hudson Bramlet, Tucker Buderus, Trey Buss, Spencer Cooney, Trentn Eisenbraun, Daltyn Hansen, Hailey Kreikemeier, Evan Lauck, Bellar Lewison, Eli Ritter, Brayden Rolf, Ashley Ruskamp, Kyler Schapmann, Tia Strehle, Erica Stutzman, Megan Svoboda, Anna Uhing.

NEW RECRUITMENT: Jordan Howell, Hunter Wegner, Blake Wegner.

4-H Special Edition Writers

Samantha Linder, Ronny Petersen.

Retiring 4-H Council Recognition

Anne Ausdemore, Dan Hakel, Alicia Rehak, Rebecca Thompson, Mersadies Buderus, Kaleb Hasenkamp, Payton Schiller.


SOURCE: Melissa Nordboe, Extension Assistant

RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2017