Cuming County School Enrichment

Programs presented by Nebraska Extension are research-based and produced by specialists from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, the National 4-H Council and various universities and organizations throughout the United States.

As 4-H participants, your students will also have the opportunity to take part in 4-H activities outside the classroom. Camps, special events, contests, and the Cuming County Fair are a few additional activities students may participate in.

All of our programs are free of charge to all Cuming County teachers & staff. If you have any questions, please contact our Extension staff: Hannah Guenther ( and Melissa Hagemeister (

How can I get involved?

Click the link below to view a copy of our 4-H School Enrichment Program Brochure. 



Hand Washing | Available for grades 2-6

Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. This lesson will teach youth how to wash their hands correctly. Youth will have an opportunity to actually see how well they have washed their hands using Glo-Germ which fluoresces brightly under an UVA view box. 

Leadership Summit | Available for grades 4-6

This is an amazing hands on curriculum that fosters team building and character development at a young age. Youth will see the world from a new perspective and learn to be more effective leaders. Students will determine their skills, qualities, values, and beliefs of effective leaders through interactive activities.

Smart Cents | Available for grades 5-6

Youth make decisions about how to use money every day and developing sound financial skills early in life can have positive implications as youth grow into adulthood. This school enrichment program is designed to teach youth financial education and includes activities for each lesson. Included are opening questions, activities throughout the lessons, and reflection questions to complete the experiential cycle.

Learn, Grow, Eat & Go | Available for grades 1-3, 4-6

In order for youth to truly understand where their food comes from, it is important to go back to the basics and start from the ground up ... literally! This program is focused on the basics of gardening to prepare youth to grow their own produce. Youth will participate in a variety of hands on activities, taste tests, and recipe demonstrations. This program aligns with the spring semester to allow youth to bring home their own plant starters. 


Embryology | Available for grade 3

This is quite possibly our most popular, most requested school enrichment program. Students will witness the miracle of life in the classroom. It involves the actual hatching of 12 eggs. This program requires 21-28 days to complete. It is a great learning experience for youth and perfect for the spring semester!

Farming in a Glove | Available for grades 3-6

Living in a farming community, it is important for youth to learn about the many factors that go into plant growth. Students will engage in a hands-on activity where they will learn about how to grow plants and the essentials needed to promote plant growth all in a plastic glove.

Tassel to Table | Available for grades 3-6

1 in 4 careers in Nebraska are related to agriculture. To better understand our local and state economy, it is important to understand the food production cycle. Students will learn about Nebraska agriculture and the steps that are a part of getting food from the field to the plate. This program will include interactive activities.

Edible Soil Horizons | Available for grades 3-6

Soil is one of the most precious resources for farmers. Students will identify the three layers of soil and the factors that affect soil quality and soil erosion. Students will create their own edible soil horizon using snack foods. This is a great interactive lesson that fits perfectly in biology, geology, or science classes.


Ag-Citing Science | Available for grades 3-4

This ten-hour program will focus on educating youth about Ag Literacy. Youth will engage in hands on activities which will help them understand where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture to Nebraska. This course has easy to teach interactive lessons, complete with activity kits and all supplies.

Steak Science | Available for grades 5-7

Cuming County is the #1 beef producing county in the state! It is important for our youth to have a proper understand of where their steak comes from. This curriculum will teach students about the different areas of animal science including how to read a food label, different cuts of meat, animal byproducts, proper cooking techniques and careers.

Alternative Proteins | Available for grades 1-3

Did you know that over 2,000 species of insects are consumed worldwide? With the rising demand on our food supply, many are turning to alternative protein sources including insects to feed the world's rising population. This eye opening program teaches youth about edible insects eaten around the world through a trivia game before making trail mix with a special ingredient - edible crickets. 

Rethink Your Drink | Available for grades 4-8

Rethink Your Drink is an eye opening lesson where students will learn and measure exactly how much sugar is in their favorite beverages. They will learn the difference between Go, Slow, and Stop drinks and how to read a food label so they know exactly what is in various beverages. If you are seeing your students with soda, energy drinks, and sugary coffee, this is a great lesson to help them make healthy beverage choices.


Kitchen Science | Available for grades 1-8

Students get comfortable with exploring the world of chemistry using simple ingredients, food, utensils, and containers. Advanced level (4-8 grade): Participants will learn to predict outcomes and experiment with ordinary kitchen items.

Project WET | Available for grades 5-7

Project WET: Water Education Today is dedicated to solving environmental challenges by teaching the world about water. We do this by providing hands-on, science-based water education resources. Through water education, individuals learn to identify their water address, discover their role in the hydrological cycle, analyze their water footprint and recognize that water knows no boundaries as it flows through and connects us all.

T.E.C Box | Available for grades 3-5

Tinker. Explore. Create. TEC Box was developed to introduce youth to the idea of entrepreneurship, encourage active listening that leads to empathy, creative problem solving, and focus on non-technical aspects of entrepreneurship. T.E.C Box itself is a makerspace kit that enhances the learning experience. Youth use household items or random materials to create a product prototype.

Inventure Day | Available for grades 6-8

Youth engage in conversations to develop and evaluate their unique business concepts around a given widget which is used as inspiration for a product or service. Teams move through the INVENTURE factory to complete challenges while learning about product development, target markets, branding, and finance. At the end of the day, teams present their business ideas to local business mentors in a product pitch competition.


Marathon Kids | Available for grades 1-6

Marathon Kids is a running program where youth work their way to running a marathon, 1 mile at a time. This program builds teamwork and relies on intrinsic motivation to keep kids moving. Each session includes a short lesson covering topics like endorphins, aerobic activity, hydration, and nutrition. This program is extremely flexible and is able to be implemented into classrooms, P.E., after or before school programs, and even recess.

Sleepless in Nebraska | Available for grades 7-12

1 in 4 Nebraskans is sleep deprived, including youth. Sleep affects every moment of our daily lives, from how we think and remember to how our bodies thrive or deteriorate. It determines how we deal with stress, make choices related to safety, and function as human beings. Sleepless in Nebraska is a program that highlights the importance of sleep for youth including its impact on academics and athletics. 

This program is able to be taught in the classroom or as part of an assembly. It includes tips and resources to help your students sleep better. 

Looking for something more? 

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