Cuming County 4-H School Enrichment

Cuming County 4-H and Extension School Enrichment program is made available for all Cuming County teachers and staff.

4-H School Enrichment resources include teacher guides, student manuals, multi-media tools, teaching kits and staff presentations. The Cuming County Extension staff can teach the project to students in the classroom or provide the materials to the teacher to use.

The cost to participate in 4-H school enrichment is minimal to no cost.

How can I get involved?
  • Refer to the program list below to determine the 4-H School Enrichment classes you would like in your classroom.
  • When you have decided enrichment classes, click on the link below to complete online registration.



  • Click the link below to download a copy of our 2017-2018 4-H School Enrichment Program Brochure. Included is a paper registration form to be mailed to our office.

2017-2018 School Enrichment Programs


REAL WORLD MONEY | Available for grades 7-8.

This is an interactive financial management program, designed to help students become better prepared to make financial decisions. This program is held at the Lifelong Learning Center in Norfolk, NE in March.


Food, Fun and Reading | Available for grades K-2.

Explore the world of the new “Choose my Plate” through reading. Students will learn about foods and how to choose healthier options. Each lesson will involve tasting food from the new “Choose My Plate”. A book with a nutrition message is read aloud during each lesson. This program consists of five 45-minute sessions.


Hand Washing | Available for grades K-4.

Think those hands are clean? What you can’t see can spread infection. Students will learn the benefits of handwashing, guidelines for hand washing and when hands should be washed. During this visit, youth will have the opportunity to see how well they have washed their hands using Glow-Germ which fluoresces brightly under an UVA view box. This program consists of one 30-45 minute session.

Embryology | Available for grades K-5.

Give students the opportunity to witness the life cycle in your classroom. Observe the development of a chick over a three week period while giving students responsibility. This program consists of an Embryology incubator and three 45-minute sessions.

From Tassel to Table | Available for grades 4-5.

Knowledge about agriculture in Nebraska is important. Students will learn about Nebraska Agriculture and the steps that are a part of getting food from the field to your plate. This program consists of one 45-minute session.

Farming in a Glove | Available for grades K-5.  

Students will engage in a hands-on activity where they will learn about how to grow plants and the essentials needed to promote plant growth. 

Edible Soil Horizons | Available for grades 4-5.

Students will engage in a hands-on activity where they will identify the three layers of soil and the factors that affect soil quality and soil erosion. Students will create their own Edible Soil Horizon using different snack foods. 

Ag-Citing Science | Available for grades 3-4.

Nebraska is home to 47,400 farms and ranches, utilizing 93% of the state’s total land area. In order to ensure that Nebraska youth have the knowledge and appreciation for Nebraska’s largest industry, these lessons teach agricultural facts and celebrates American agriculture. All of these lessons are interactive are meet several state standards. Lessons include: Hot House Detective, Pumpkin Life Cycle, Positively Popcorn, It’s Made From What?, Our World, Wad a Watershed, Pizza Farm, My Cheese Burger Came From a Farm, Pig Basics, Parts of a Chicken and Egg Reader. This program can be modified to fit your classroom schedule. You can choose individual lessons.

Talking with TJ | Available for grades 2-6.

This is an educational program to help students acquire the skills and attitudes needed to develop relationships within a culturally diverse society. This program consists of two series for two separate grade levels.

Teamwork Series | Available for grades 2-4.

This program helps students improve their skills in making group plans, appreciating differences, including people of diverse backgrounds in group activities and working as a team.

Conflict Resolution Series | Available for grades 5-6

Through this series, students learn important skills managing anger, choosing alternatives to violence, respecting different viewpoints and using “friendly” words rather than “fighting” words to communicate feelings.


College Readiness | Available for grades 5-6.

This program is designed to help students begin to thinking about college and careers. Through fun and interactive activities, youth will learn about career clusters, SMART goals, college/university lingo, the important of being on-time and writing thank you notes. This program consists of six 45 minute sessions.


Preventing Credit Card Blues at 22 | Available for grade 12.

This program provides high school seniors with knowledge to help them choose and use a credit card wisely to avoid credit card problems. This program consists of one or two 50-minute sessions.  


“Real Colors” Workshop | Available for grades 6-12.

Help youth learn to recognize, accept and value their differences. This workshop increases understanding, empathy and communication by reducing prejudice and bigotry with other students, parents, family and friends using surveys. This program consists of two 45-minute sessions. Price is $7.50 per student.


Money Cents | Available for grades 2-3.

This program helps students learn more about money through listening to stories and doing “hands-on” activities. Topics will include: examining money under a magnifying glass, learning what the government’s role is, discussing the difference between needs and wants, and playing “how much does it cost” game. This program consists of three to five 45-minute sessions.


Think Your Drink | Available for grades 5-12.

This educational program addresses the growing national obesity problem and how beverages factor in on their daily calorie counts. Students will learn about soft drinks, sport drinks and more. This program consists of two 45-minute sessions.


Wise Food Decisions | Available for grades 3-5.

Designed to help students begin using the new “Choose My Plate” to select healthy foods in their daily lives; this program is a good supplement to the science curriculum. This program consists of three 45-minute sessions.

Microbes in Food | Available for grades 5-7.

This hands-on project emphasizes the need for proper hand washing in the home and school; and microbiology. Students discover where germs lurk in their school, how germs grow, how to wash their hands correctly and other interesting experiments. This program consists of two or three 45-minute sessions. 


Robotics | Available for grades 4-8.

Hands-on Lego’s are fun for most kids as they learn how to design and built their robot using EV3 Lego Kits. The robotics software enables students to learn to program their robots for different tasks. This program teaches problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, teamwork and using technology. This program needs several hours to complete.


Today’s Nutrition for Today’s Teens | Available for grades 6-8.

Teens are bombarded by a vast amount of nutrition misinformation at a time when they are vulnerable to peer pressure, poor self-image and low satisfaction with their body. By working with a dietician, we can address common eating disorders, label reading and My Plate. The final session is a tour of the local grocery store to discuss wise food choices. This program consists of three 50-minute sessions.


On Your Own in Rural America | Available to grades 3-4.

Youth are at home without adult supervision at younger ages and in greater frequency. Topic in this program include: dealing with uncomfortable feelings, finding things to do, knowing the rules at home, safety and preparing snacks. Snacks will be made in the classroom at the end of the project. This program consists of three 45-minute sessions.



Looking for something more?


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