Veterinary Feed Directive Information

As of January 1, 2017, the new FDA regulation for the Veterinary Feed Directive goes into effect.  This regulation will effect all food producing animals no matter how large or small the operation and that includes youth livestock participants.  There are a number of show feeds that contain feed grade antibiotics such as CTC or Tylosin.  These type of products will require youth to work with their Veterinarian to obtain a signed VFD order before purchasing and feeding these feeds.  So young producers should look at the feed labels of products they intend to feed prior to having their livestock projects to determine if a VFD will be required to purchase their feed.  If their feed is medicated with an antibiotic, they will need to establish a Veterinarian-client Patient Relationship with a licensed Veterinarian in Nebraska who will work with them with their VFD requirements. 

Veterinary Feed Directive Brochure