Cherry County 4-H Members Invited to Lead on 4-H Council and Committees!

SPECIAL ALERT:  Cherry County 4-H Members Invited to Lead on 4-H Council and Committees!

Youth 4-H Council Membership

Cherry County 4-H is pleased to announce that applications are now available for youth interested in serving on the Cherry County 4-H Council.  Youth must be 14 years of age as of January 1 and will apply for one-year terms.  Applications are due January 7 and the first meeting that youth will be invited to attend is on January 15 at 7:00 pm at the Extension Office.  This is a great opportunity for young people to grow their leadership skills and shape the future of the 4-H program!  Applications are available on the Cherry County 4-H website under the “4-H Council & Committees” tab or by contacting Michelle at 402-376-1850 or  Please click to get the Youth Application.

Youth Project Committee Membership

Please remember that youth ages 12 and up are invited to serve on project committees!  Please submit names for consideration by January 7 as well.  Committees will be holding major planning meetings the first part of the year. 

Responsibilities of Committee Members

Committee members will assume the complete initiative in planning, implementing and evaluating committee action sanctioned by the 4-H Council.

               1.  Procedure of Committee Action:

               a. Plan specific committee calendar for the current year.

               b. Submit a list of judges/resource people or incentives and awards for 4-H events.
                   (If applicable to the committee).

               c. Plan event(s) in reasonable detail with minimum assistance of Educators(s) and                                         Assistant(s).

               d. Conduct event(s).

               e. Evaluate event(s) and submit a written report to Council on results
                   comments, recommendations, future plans, etc., following each major activity.

               2.  Encourage participation, cooperation, and interest in 4-H activities and                                                        continue to update said activities.      

               3.  Committees shall submit suggested future changes to the 4-H Council for approval.


Youth can choose one of the following committees:

               Communications & Expressive Arts                          Dog/Small Animal

               Family & Consumer Sciences                                     Horse

               Livestock                                                                         Science/Engineering/Technology/Math

               Shooting Sports                                                             Awards

               Clover Kid