4-H Thank you and Achievement Night Gallery Display Guidelines

Cherry County 4-H Thank You Dinner & Achievement Night

                  Cherry County Fairgrounds
                          November 18, 2018
                       6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CT

      Walk Through Gallery Display Guidelines

 gallery display poster

Any 4-H member is invited and encouraged to create a gallery-style display to showcase Cherry County 4-H for all the attending donors and volunteers from the community.  Any 4-H member who has received a grant or scholarship from the 4-H Foundation or Council over the past year is required to present.  As guests arrive at the event, they will have time to walk through the gallery, view the displays, and interact with the 4-Hers at each display. There will also be a little time at the end of the meal for this as well. 

The display will allow for a lot of creativity, but here are a few tips:

  • Be sure to include a visual element.  When actual equipment, finished projects, etc. can be shown, that is great!  Some items and/or experiences might need to be displayed via a series of photos.  Put key photos on a standing or hanging display board.  Additional photos can be in a scrapbook with the rest of the display.
  • Have the 4-H member’s name, age, 4-H club, and years in 4-H posted somewhere in the display. 
  • The youth should have a quick 30-second introduction planned to start the conversation as people stop – tell who they are and just give a brief overview of what the display is about.  If there is something that can be demonstrated, allow an additional 30-60 seconds.  After that, 4-Hers will go through a question and answer session with the viewers.  Practice with your 4-Her ahead of time by asking questions guests might bring up that evening.  The goal of this format is to create a conversation vs. delivering a canned speech.  It will help 4-Hers think on their feet and promote 4-H to the public in a personal way.

If you are NOT one of the required presenters, but plan on doing a display, please contact Michelle at 402-376-1850 or mgarwood3@unl.edu by November 9 so we can prepare the floor layout.