2018 Private Pesticide and Chemigation Training Dates and Locations

Is your private pesticide applicator license is expiring April 15, 2018? Recall that this license is necessary to purchase and apply restricted use chemicals on agricultural lands in the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has likely mailed to you a similar letter that includes a recertification form. You must provide the original copy of this form regardless of the recertification option you select. Currently, there are five (5) methods available to you to renew your license.  They include: 

  1. Attend a Nebraska Extension Private Applicator Certification/Recertification program.  This option requires your attendance at a 3-hour workshop presentation at any location across Nebraska that is convenient for you. After the presentation, you will submit your original NDA recertification form to the program educator, and he/she will submit your paperwork to the NDA. Upon receiving your form, the NDA will provide you by mail, additional paperwork to complete. The cost of this program is $40 for program attendance, and an additional $25 for the NDA license to be paid at a later date. See the 2018 Priviate Pesticide and Chemigation Dates and Locations Flyer for a list sessions offered in the area.
  2. Attendance at a Nebraska Extension Crop Production Clinic – these programs are typically held from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm in various locations across the state.
    • Norfolk, Nebraska on Jan. 15 or Jan 16 at the Lifelong Learning Center

To register for these programs or view additional site locations, please visit   http://agronomy.unl.edu/cpcPre-registration is required; the cost of this option is $80 for attendance, and an additional $25 for the NDA license to be paid at a later date.  Remember to bring your recertification NDA form with you to the clinic.

3.  Complete a self-study course – this program requires you to visit your local Nebraska Extension office to purchase a self-study manual. Once you have the manual, you will read the text, and complete a final open-book exam covering the entire book. The test must then be returned to the extension office were it will be graded. If a score of 70% or better is achieved, you will be given additional paperwork to complete, which will be sent in to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Once received, additional paperwork will be sent to you for obtaining your license.  The cost of this program is $60 for the book, and an additional $25 for the NDA license to be paid at a later date.

4.  Complete your pesticide training online by purchasing a CD available through UNL at the website http://marketplace.unl.edu/pested/private-pesticide-certification. This CD contains 10 modules consisting of lecture, activities, reading, and quizzes. A score of 70% must be achieved at the end of each module before moving to the lesson. Once all the modules are completed, a certificate may be printed and mailed to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, with your NDA recertification form. Additional materials on licensing will then be sent. The cost of this option is $60 for the CD, and an additional $25 for the NDA license to be paid at a later date.

5.  Call the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and request to complete the Private Applicators test.  This will require a trip to Lincoln to the Nebraska Department of Ag, where you will sit for a proctored exam.  If you pass with a score of 70% or better, your NDA recertification form will be processed and a license mailed to you.  The cost of this option is mileage, plus $25 for the NDA license.  To schedule an exam, please call the NDA at (toll-free) 877-800-4080 or 402-471-2351.

Failure to complete your recertification by any method described above, will cause your license to expire. The Nebraska Extension is your partner in providing private applicator recertification education and training. If you have any questions, or need clarification on the type of licensure you have, and the recertification education required, please feel free to contact the extension office at 402-288-5611, or the Nebraska Extension Pesticide Education Office at 402-472-1632.