4-H Shows and Events


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2018 Central IV Calendar of 4-H Activities

2018 Workshop Registration Form


July-15-19- State Horse Show (entry form)  Entry Deadline May 1st 

July 14-18- Howard County Fair

July 21-25- Sherman County Fair

July 29-August 4- Valley County Fair

July 29 - Horse Show in York


August 5-8- Greeley County Fair

August 8 - Youth Agronomy Field Day at Curtis

August 18-19 - Loup Valley Livestock Challenge

August 24-September 3- Nebraska State Fair

August 24 - Temple Grandin Presentation


September 8-9 - Norfolk Beef Expo

September 15 - Game Day Sheep and Goat Show in Scribner

September 16 - Open Scholarship Horse Show in Central City

September 22-23- AkSarBen Horse Show

September 27-30- AkSarBen Stock Show