Cedar County 4-H Pre-Entry Form Instructions

The Cedar County Fair is fast approaching.  After you have completed updating your project area enrollment updates on 4HOnline, then it is time to specify what exhibits you plan to bring to the Cedar County Fair from within those project areas you signed up for. You will need to print your fair pre-entry forms from the webpage according to the project areas you have enrolled in through 4HOnline. Go to “Cedar County Fair & Pre-Fair Resources” in the drop down menu, then click on “Pre-Fair & Fair Forms Resources” link. All events and exhibits you wish to take part in or bring to the fair must be listed on these forms. Fair entry tags and show orders will be made-up according to these forms. If you have any questions on how to fill these out, please contact our office.  Paper copies can be picked up at our office or mailed.  All livestock pre-entry/ID forms and clover kid pre-entry forms are due to our office by June 15.  Pre-Entry forms for Pre-Fair Day exhibits are due June 20th.  All other static exhibit pre-entry forms are due in our office on or before Monday, June 28 (our office is open until 4:30). You may mail, email, or leave your entry forms in the courthouse drop box on the north side of the courthouse. We will be glad to accept your completed pre-entry form any time before the deadline.  


Clover Kids are asked to fill out a pre-entry form to assist the office in knowing what events and exhibits your Clover Kid plans to participate in, and as to if they plan to stall the livestock on the fairgrounds or take them home following their show.

Livestock Pre-Entries:  Includes all large and small animals.  Livestock Pre-Entry/ID Forms are on separate sheets by species.  Livestock showmanship entries must be indicated on the pre-entry form, or we will assume you do not plan to compete in showmanship.  Bucket calf exhibitors do not participate in showmanship, but do have a record book to complete. Refer to your fairbook, for livestock entry times, other policies, and number of entries allowed per project area classes.  Showmanship is not counted in the entry limitations.  These forms must be filled out COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY and returned to the Cedar County Extension Office by JUNE 15thAll FFA exhibits must also be pre-entered.  Check with your FFA Advisor whether they will be submitting your FFA entries or if you need to.  Be sure to mark them as FFA entries.

Please list all static (non-living) exhibits you plan to bring to the fair on the “4-H Static Exhibits” form except for Clover Kids, Fashion Show, and all Livestock, which have their own separate pre-entry forms.  All exhibits must be pre-entered.  List the class number for each exhibit you are planning to bring to the fair.  Even though you may not be sure at this time about some of your exhibits, if you think there is any possibility you might bring them, list them on the entry forms, but please be reasonable in the amount of entries listed and the likelihood that you will be bringing them to the fair.  The class numbers can be found in the fairbook.  The project areas are printed in the Table of Contents.  Once you find the project area, the class number can be found in front of the specific item that you are exhibiting.  Please use the description column on the entry form to describe the item you are entering (if you were looking for the item in a display, how would you describe it?).  This is helpful if the entry tag happens to get separated from the article.  For horticulture and floriculture exhibits this is where you would list their variety name (required information).

You will need to refer to your Cedar County Fair Exhibitor’s Guide (Fairbook) to fill out your pre-entry forms, find number of entries allowed per project area, and requirements on how to display each exhibit! If you did not pre-order a 2022 Fairbook there are a few extras that you can pick-up at the Extension Office or view online on our Cedar County 4-H webpage under the Fairbooks & Scoresheets tab.  You will need to refer to it for Class Numbers to fill out your entry forms.  Please remember, you are only eligible to enter exhibits based on the project areas in which you are enrolled in on 4HOnline. 

Recommendation when filling out you pre-entry forms

We recommend you download the pre-entry forms and save them to your computer, then type-in information needed, save, then print off or attach to an email to send to our office.  (Note:  We seem to have the least problems with our forms when working in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.)

Note:  Most supporting information forms can be found on this "Pre-Fair & Fair Resources" page also.  Just scroll down to the project area looking for. Most forms you can type your information into and print off, than attach to your exhibit.