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2016 Cedar County 4-H State Fair Results 
To view all other Nebraska 4-H State Fair results click here

4-H Thank You Card
- a quarter-fold thank you card to print, fold, add personal message, and send.

4-H Newsletters

Cedar County 4-H Newsletters
  December 2015 4-H Newsletter (pdf - 8 pages)
February 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 8 pages) 
   March 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 3 pages)
   April 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 6 pages)
   May 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 16 pages)
   June 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 12 pages)
   June 15, 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 8 pages)
   August 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 6 pages) 
   September 2016 4-H Newsletter  (pdf - 2 pages)
   October 2016 4-H Newsletter   (pdf - 4 pages)

Spotlight on 4-H Newsletters  -  written by extension staff for volunteers with information and resources to educate, inform, and motivate 4-H members and families
     February 2016  (pdf - 8 pages)
     March 2016  (pdf - 8 pages)
     April 2016  (pdf - 8 pages)  
     May 2016  (pdf - 8 pages)
June 2016  (pdf - 8 pages)
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2016 Cedar County Fairbook

2016 Cedar County 4-H Fair Schedule   (*pdf - 1 page)               
General Information  (*pdf - 3 pages)
All Livestock - Show Rules, Showmanship, All Livestock & Small Animals  (*pdf - 18 pages)
Citizenship & Leadership Citizenship, Club Leadership (Officer Reports), I2I, Jr Leader  (*pdf - 2 pages)  
Communications & Expressive Arts  Club Exhibit, Communications, Presentations, Public Speaking, Photography, Theater Arts, Music   (*pdf - 7 pages)      
Consumer & Family Science  Human Development, STEAM Clothing, Beyond the Needle, Knitting, Crochet, Fashion Revue, Consumer Management, Home Environment, Quilt Quest   (*pdf - 17 pages)
Environmental & Earth Sciences  -  Conservation & Wildlife, Taxidermy, Entomology, Forestry, Shooting Sports  (*pdf - 7 pages)
Healthy Lifestyles  -  Foods, Food Preservation, Contests, Youth in Motion, Safety   (*pdf - 7 pages)
Entrepreneurship  -  Entrepreneurship   (*pdf - 1 page)
Plant Science  -  Horticulture, Floriculture, Field Crops, Weed Management, Range Management, Special Garden Project   (*pdf - 10 pages)
Science, Engineering & Technology  -  Aerospace, Computers, Robotics, Electricity, GPS, Power of Wind, Woodworking, Welding   (*pdf - 7 pages)
Clover Kids   (*pdf - 2 pages) 

2016 Nebraska State Fair Fairbook & Scoresheets - contains the information needed to participate in events and exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair.  At the bottom of each project area webpage you will find scoresheets to see what judges will be looking for when evaluating your fair exhibits

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4-H Enrollment Forms

2017 4-H Enrollment - Online     All youth (including Clover Kids) and volunteers will complete an on-line enrollment. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions:
          4HOnline Steps to Enroll NEW Member (12 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Reenroll Member (8 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Enroll NEW Volunteer (5 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Enroll Volunteer with Existing Family (3 page pdf)
          4-HOnline Steps to Reenroll Volunteer (6 page pdf)
and Cedar County 4-H Project List (2 page pdf) before attempting to enroll. You may refer to the 2017 Project Resource Central (26 page pdf, formerly 4-H Pick-a-Project) for descriptions of the projects. Please give your dues to your club leader or send to the Extension Office.
      4-H Volunteer Screening Form  (*pdf, 1 page)

4-H Calendar 

  2016 4-H Calendar   (*pdf file, 2 pages)    updated 04-29-16Back to Top

4-H Livestock Quality Assurance Training

All 4-H/FFA members enrolled in beef, bucket calf, feeder calf, cow/calf, dairy, goats, sheep, swine, rabbit, and/or poultry, must participate in a Quality Assurance Certification Training program in order to show at the fair.  4-H members are encouraged to participate in the online training.  Below you will find the insructions to complete the training.  Nebraska Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course
Online Course Instruction & Q/A Sheet
Online Course Registratrion Instruction Video
For more information on the 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance Training
visit the Nebraska Quality Assurance website
Option 2 - Youth ages 12 and over can take a written test at the Extension Office to test out.  Practice tests are available through the online course.
(All Quality Assurance Trainings must be completed by June 15th and Certificates of Completion handed in with livestock ID forms.)

Programs & Registration Forms

Teens as Teachers - Online Webinar April 22, 2017 - register by April 12

4-H Kick-Off Ice Skating Party - February 14, 2016 - please register by Febr 12

4-H Horse Stampede - Saturday, April 1, 2017   (entries due March 10, 2017)

2017 Special Garden Project - Sunbrust Summer Squash
     Newsletter - learn how to plant, grow, squash problems & insects, harvest, using squash, and exhibit this unique vegetable.
     Evaluation - participants in the 2017 Special Garden Project are asked to fill out an evaluation and return to our office or complete online at link found on evaluation form.

Clothes Pin Bag Sewing Workshop - May 14, 2016  (register by May 9)

Showmanship Clinic (Multi-Species) - May 21, 2016  (register by May 18)

Clover Kids Day Camp - May 25, 2016  (register by May 18)

Honey Bee Challenge - 4-H Ag Innovators Experience - May 27, 9:00 in Laurel, and 1:00 in Hartington

Cedar County Project Days  -  June 1-2, 2016

Laurel Bit & Bridle 4-H Horse Show - June 4, 2016

Sewing Days - June 7 & 14, 2016

Clover Kids Sewing Workshop  -  June 10, 2016  (register by June 3)

Window Screen Art Workshop - June 13, 2016  (register by June 6)

Fast Foods Workshop - June 16, 2016 at Randolph Library  (register at 402-329-4821)

Gettin' Organized Workshop - June 17, 2016  (register by June 10)

Foods Healthy Lifestyles Workshop - June 23 & 24  (register by June 17)

Ponca Day Camp (flyer, registration & health forms) June 28, 2016 for youth ages 8-11. Registration due to Dixon County office by June 17 also, Camp Counselor Application for those 14 and older

Empowerment Workshop - June 30, 2016  (register by June 23) 

STEM Into Clover Kids Camp - June 30, 2016 at HAL, Concord  (register by June 24)

Culinary Challenge at Nebraska State Fair - challenge ingredient SQUASH

Pre-Fair & Fair Forms and Resources

 4-H Fair Pre-Entry Forms - on these forms list all exhibits you plan to bring to or participate in at pre-fair day and the fair.  These forms are due to our office on or before Friday, June 24.  Entry tags will be printed according to these forms.  Late forms will result in exhibits being lowered one ribbon placing.  (These forms can be filled in, saved, and emailed to the office.)
4-H Static Exhibits (list all exhibits except clover kids, fashion show, livestock and contests)         Clover Kids Entries          Fashion Show Registration          Beef Entries          Bucket Calf Entries          Companion Animal, Cat & Dog Entries          Club Entries          Dairy Entries          Goat Entries          Horse Entries           Music Contest Entries          Sheep Entries          Small Animals Entries          Stall Decorating Contest Entry          Swine Entries

Clothing Interview Judging Exemption Form - if unable to participate in interview judging of your clothing exhibits on Pre-Fair Day July 9, this exemption form is required by June 24, 2016.

Shopping in Style Fashion Revue Written Report - completed & returned to office no later than July 5

$15 Shopping Challenge - model outfit on Pre-Fair Day, July 9, 2016, worksheet completed & returned to office no later than July 5

Home Environment Tag - supporting information: elements & principles of design and steps taken to complete

Citizenship Service Item Information Sheet - for fair entry

Babysitting Kit Information Sheet - for fair entry class 8
What It Takes To Be Your Teen Babysitter (Student Guide)
     Human Development Curriculum with Outcome Areas
Other Human Development Classes Information Sheet - for classes 1-6 fair entries

Yahtzee Scorecard - for Human Development fair entry

Knitting & Crochetting Supporting Information  - for fair entry

Photography Data Tags  - for fair entry

Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit for Fair (*pdf - 24 pages)
Preparing Cut Flowers for County & State Fair  (*pdf - 11 pages)  

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4-H Public Speaking Contest (rules & registration) - March 28, 2016 (*pdf file - 2 pages)
A Guide To Making Great 4-H Speeches
    How to Prepare a Public Service Announcement
    Novice Speech Scoresheet       Speech Scoresheet        PSA Scoresheet

Cook-Off Contest  -  June 8, 2016  5:00 p.m.

Favorite Food Revue  -  June 8, 2016   5:00 p.m.
Rules & Registration       Procedures & Guidelines       Scoresheet

Presentation/Demonstration Contest - presentation resources found here
Cedar County Rules & Registration - June 8, 2016    7:30 pm  
Eye-Catching Visual Aids
     Illustrated Presentation Scoresheet      FilmFest Video Scoresheet
     Teaching Presentation          SF Premier Presenter Scoresheet

Interview Judging Contest  -  May 26, 2016 in Norfolk (register by May 10)       
     Practice real-life career preparation skills; fill out a job application, write a cover letter and resume, and participate in a mock interview. 

On-Line Horticulture Judging Contest  - available June 10-20, 2016.

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Project ID Sheets and Record Books

Livestock ID sheets - due June 15,   printable ID sheets for breeding beef market beeffeeder calfbucket calfbreeding sheepmarket lambs swine dairy horse market goats dairy goatsbreeding doe
Small Animals ID sheet - dog, cat, rabbit, and companion pet ID sheet for Cedar County Fair
Rabbit ID sheet - fill this out only if going on to State Fair or Ak-Sar-Ben
Online Livestock Affidavits - animals being identified for the Nebraska State Fair & Ak-Sar-Ben must complete this online form
        Online Livestock Affidavit - User Guide Instructions
Certificate of Vaccination for Cats/Ferrets
Certificate of Vaccination for Dogs

4-H Animal Identification Guidelines       

4-H Career Portfolio - the annual record-keeping system used to document the growth of the 4-H member through the years
Other Record Books - General, Animal, Companion Animal, and Jr Leader Project record books (found at bottom of Career Portfolio page)   
          Shooting Sports Record Book
Bucket Calf Project Guide  (22 pages)
Bucket Calf Record Book  -  due June 24, 2016  
2nd Year Bucket Calf Record Book  -  due June 24, 2016
Bucket Calf Detailed Record Book - optional more detailed version, due June 24, 2016

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Awards & Scholarship Opportunities

Cedar County Award Application - due September 9, 2016 with Career Portfolio, Scoresheet

Diamond Clover Award Program - due September 9, 2016

Outstanding 4-H Achievement & Service Awards - due September 9, 2016
      Letter (*pdf - 1 page)                     Cover Sheet (*pdf - 1 page)
      Criteria (*pdf - 2 pages)                  Evaluation (*pdf - 4 pages)

4-H Club of the Month Application - Any 4-H club can nominate themselves to be the "Club of the Month."  Each month, a winner will receive a $50 cash card from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and a certificate.  Sponsored by Nebraska 4-H Foundation & Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors

FSA Youth Loan Program -  Need a little assistance in starting an ag-related project (bucket calf, sheep, swine, seed, etc.) or business venture, check out this program available to help youth finance the many kinds of income-producing agricultural projects.

Governor's Agricultural Excellence Award (NIFA Grant) - email application by March 3, 2017

Nebraska Association of County Extension Boards (NACEB) Scholarship - $1000 scholarship for student entering CASNR or CEHS at UNL;  application due March 17, 2017

Nebraska 4-H Foundation Scholarships  -  due March 3, 2017

Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce P.A.Y. Scholarship - due March 31, 2017

4-H Council Senior Scholarship - due April 1, 2017

WNAX Senior Scholarship - due April 25, 2016

4-H Council Camp Scholarship Application - due September 9, 2016    (pdf file - 1 page)

Martha & Don Romeo Scholarship Application  -  due December 1, 2016
          (*pdf file - 6 pages)    Contact the office if you would like this application in a Word document

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Related 4-H Resources

STEAM 1 Sewing Pattern Possibilities - list of pattern possibilities appropriate for STEAM 1 skill level
STEAM Sewing Skills List
Clover Kid Web Page
  -  Web page explains what is a clover kid and lists examples of clover kid projects and activities

Companion Animals Webpage - dogs, cats, and household pets
Health Rocks! Interactive Game
- allows youth to test their knowledge of drug and alcohol facts, and health through carnival-themed games

Online 4-H Manuals & Project Resources
          Crops Manuals (Soybean & Corn)  free downloads through ISU
          Entomology Manual (64 pages) old manual shows how to make display box
Genealogy Worksheets - forms from Purdue Extension
          Preparing Cut Flowers for Fairs (11 pages) - available at Extension Office
          Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit for Fairs (24 pages)  - available at Extension Office
          Bucket Calf Project Guide  (22 pages)

4-H Club Officer Resources
Officer's Guide
          Secretary's Record
          Reporter's Handbook
          Treasurer's Handbook
          Year End 4-H Club Treasurer's Report

4-H Leader Club Management Resources
Fast Track Training for Volunteers   
4-H Volunteer Information Series - a series of short fact sheets that will help with your volunteer experience

Exhibit Scoresheets - see what judges will be looking for when evaluating your fair exhibits
State Fair Book - contains the information needed to participate in events and exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair

Nebraska State 4-H Summer Camps - brochure and registration for summer camps at Halsey, Gretna and Alma   (receive early bird 10% off discount if you register by April 15, 2016)          

2016 Big Red Summer Camps     (receive early bird discount if you register by April 15, 2016)   

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2016 Open Class Fairbook

Open Class Rules & Regulations  (pdf - 3 pages)
Department 1 - Grasses  (pdf - 2 pages)
Department 2 Jr Div      Department 2 Sr Div - Horticulture  (pdf - 4 pages each)
Department 3 - Domestic Science  (pdf - 7 pages)
Department 4 Jr Div      Department 4 Sr Div - Floriculture  (pdf - 5 pages each)
Department 5 - Needlework  (pdf - 5 pages)
Department 6 - Senior Center  (pdf - 3 pages)
Department 7 - Arts & Crafts for Nursing Home & Assisted Living  (pdf - 1 page)
Department 8 - Arts & Crafts Adults  (pdf - 5 pages)
Department 10 - Arts & Crafts  Ages 6-11      Ages 12-16  (pdf - 5 pages each)
Department 11 - Livestock  (pdf - 8 pages)
Department 12 - Photograghy  (pdf - 1 page)
Department 13 - Quilts  (pdf - 5 pages)

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