2019 4-H Enrollment - 4HOnline   Enrollment for the 2019 4-H program year is now open for members, clover kids and volunteers.  New and returning club members, as well as new and returning club leaders must enroll through 4HOnline.  Members who are re-enrolling will only need to update their profile (do not setup a new profile) and project listing.  New members will need to create a family profile or if family has already enrolled will only need to add a member.  Note:  When filling out the emergency contact information please add contact info of someone other than yourself; if we are unable to get a hold of you who should we contact (spouse, grandparent, friend, etc.)?  Use the new Pick-Your-Project resource guide to aid you in selecting your project areas for the 2018 year.  Re-enrollments are to be complete by March 15.  New members must be enrolled by June 15.

If need assistance with enrollment process please refer to the following 4HOnline step-by-step instructions or contact the Extension Office for help.

          4HOnline Steps to Enroll NEW Member (12 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Reenroll Member (8 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Enroll NEW Volunteer (5 page pdf)
          4HOnline Steps to Enroll Volunteer with Existing Family (3 page pdf)
          4-HOnline Steps to Reenroll Volunteer (6 page pdf)

Also please view the Cedar County 4-H Project List (2 page pdf) before attempting to enroll to see all project opportunities available to you through the Cedar County 4-H Program.  You may refer to the 2019 Pick Your Project (now an online project selection guide) for descriptions of the projects.  Or on the right-hand side of the Pick Your Project page are links to the cirriculum areas that can be printed.

4-H Dues for each 4-H member or clover kid will be $5.00 with the 4-H horse project participants’ dues being $6.00, and archery club membership is an additional $10.00.  All dues will be used to pay for 4-H programming in Cedar County.  The dues also covers the cost of a supplemental insurance which is $2 for horse participants and $1 for all other 4-H members.  Leaders and volunteers may also purchase this insurance coverage for the cost of $1 if they so wish.  The insurance provides coverage to and from 4-H sponsored activities as long as an adult is present, this includes 4-H club meetings.  Please give your dues to your club leader or send into the Extension Office.  Please make checks payable to the Cedar County 4-H Council.

Volunteers - Parents willing to lend a hand within the 4-H program are asked to enroll as a volunteer.  This is a great opportunity for you as a parent to assist your child and others in learning life skills they will carry into the future.  Nebraska Extension also requires all volunteers to be screened through the Department of Health and Human Services for child abuse and neglect.  This screening enables the 4-H program to assure you that we are providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment for your child.  Volunteers serving as 4-H Club Project Leaders or 4-H Club Organizational Leaders need to (re-)enroll through 4-H Online each year. Returning leaders should use their existing family profile to re-enroll.  

      4-H Volunteer Screening  new DHHS volunteer screening process

     2019 Cedar County Calendar of Events  (*pdf, 2 pages) as of