2019 4-H Special Garden Project - Carmine Splendor Okra Vegetable

The 2019 Special Garden Project is the Carmine Splendor Okra vegetable.  This year's Special Garden Project allows youth the opportunity to grow, harvest and exhibit this unique vegetable.  Watch for an upcoming newsletter to learn more about growing Okra.

Contact the Extension Office by February 1st to order your seeds.  Seeds should be available for pickup around April.  (Note:  Be sure to enroll in the Special Garden Project when registering for your project areas on 4HOnline.)

2019 Special Garden Project - Carmine Splendor Okra
     Newsletter - learn how to plant, grow, okra problems & insects, harvest, using okra, and exhibit this unique vegetable.
     Fair Exhibit Ideas
     Evaluation - participants in the 2019 Special Garden Project are asked to fill out an evaluation and return to our office or complete online form.