Submitting DNA Animal Information into the Aksarben Database

DNA Envelopes:  

Submitting DNA has changed from last year.  This year in 2018 exhibitors will be responsible for submitting their own animal information into the AKSARBEN livestock database prior to the nomination deadline. 

In the past, families turned in DNA envelopes & breeding nomination cards to the Cass County office, the staff mailed them in to AKSARBEN, and the entry process was done manually.  Now, the database accepts animal information submitted directly by exhibitors, including the payments, for DNA. Families will have the ability themselves to edit incorrect information up to the deadline.

The Cass County Extension Office will continue to mail in the DNA envelopes to AKSARBEN by the deadline. Once the information is in the database and has been validated by Extension Staff, then it be available for exhibitors to make State Fair or AKSARBEN entries. 

Please note, any animal entry not in the database or has not submitted DNA will not be eligible for State Fair or AKSARBEN.


The website to nominate animals for state fair and AKSARBEN will be launched in February. Detailed instructions on how to access and navigate the site will be provided to the families once we receive them.