Scrapie Tags for Sheep and Goats

Goats and Sheep:

*NEW* in 2018:  The official identification for all classes of goats and sheep is a Scrapie Tag.  No EID tags or 4-H tags are required for sheep and goats.

Before you can get Scrapie Tags, you must have a premise ID number and a Flock ID number, which the Department of Agriculture can assign to you.  Call them at 402-434-2300.  As long as their funds last, you can get Scrapie Tags free from them.  They also have a website you can visit at:

If you already have the needed ID numbers, you can order Scrapie Tags from a vendor of your choice.  You can find a list of vendors, and more about Scrapies at:

FYI:  Dairy goats do not need a Scrapie Tag but must have a tattoo in the ear (or tail web for the LaMancha breed) which corresponds to a herd ID assigned by the USDA or is accompanied by a breed registration paper listing the current owner.