Quality Childcare is Important to More than just Parents & Children in a Community

We know quality childcare is important to more than just parents & children in a community. It affects the business owner and fellow employees when affordable, quality childcare is not available. Employees cannot possibly be fully present in their job if their mind is busy worrying about their children’s care and education. That’s why in 2019, The Learning Child team created and launched a brand-new website designed to help families as they search for childcare including the development of checklist that can be customized. We ask you to please share this resource with your communities, friends, family members, and anyone else who may benefit from receiving this information.

Members of the University Nebraska Learning Child team led by Dr. Holly Hatton Bowers partnered researchers to gain a clearer picture of childcare needs, challenges and opportunities in rural Nebraska communities. The MOST DIFFICULT - FINDING INFANT CARE .  69% of those surveyed in Nebraska reported having reliable childcare as a top concern, especially for infants.

To download a copy of the findings: https://child.unl.edu/quality-child-care

To view their website:  https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-child-care

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact The Learning Child team at TLC@unl.edu. We’re here to help.

Study contact: Holly Hatton-Bowers, Ph.D. hattonb@unl.edu