On-line Pre-entry Instructions for all Animals

Please follow these instructions to register your animal for the 2019 Cass County Fair. Remember - online entry includes ALL animals this year (all livestock, horses, cats, dogs, small animals, rabbits, and poultry). No paper entries will be accepted.

  1. Go to: https://cass.fairwire.com/
  2. Select the Sign In button at the top right of the page
  3. To register, choose login type: I am a… Exhibitor
  4. Enter the First and Last Name of the 4-Her you are entering. Choose, new exhibitor or previously registered this year.  Please note that unless an exhibitor has already registered this year, they will be a new exhibitor. We do not carry over any exhibitors from last year.
  5. If you have multiple 4-H members in your family, you will need to have a separate account for each member, or you can use the Quick Group option.
  6. Complete the registration information, and click continue
  7. Begin recording entry information.  Choose the Department and Division of each entry, then fill in the blanks with the necessary information.
  8. Add Entry to Cart. This entry form does NOT cost anything.
  9. After adding all entries click continue to review your entries and additional items for accuracy. Before checking out, you may add more entries or save this cart and log in to add more entries later. Note that your cart and login information are not saved until you click Save This Cart.
  10. ***YOU MUST CHECK OUT AND SUBMIT FOR YOUR ENTRIES TO BE SAVED INTO OUR SYSTEM*** Your entries will not be saved until you do this step. You will see “Submission Successful” screen when your cart has been successfully submitted. There is no cost for submitting your cart. Please print or save confirmation for your reference 

Special Notes:

  • Online entry is for animals and contests only. (Contests include:  Tractor Driving, Performing Arts, Table Setting, Performing Arts, and Shooting Sports).  Static exhibits will enter in person on Sunday, August 4 from 4-6 pm. 
  • Remember to add an entry for animal showmanship
  • If showing swine, there should be one entry added for every hog showing at fair. Ex. If you are bringing 3 hogs to the fair there should be 3 market hog entries entered.
  • For Horses, select all classes for one animal, then Add to Cart and select classes for next animal. 
  • Clover Kids are able to complete this entry for their Livestock. Choose the Clover Kid Division and then appropriate department for each animal that will be shown.
  • Cow-Calf pairs must use calf birthdate for animal birthdate, calf EID, calf gender, and cow ID.
  • Pen of 3 notes: individual with Pen of 3 can add this to their entries. Clubs that wish to add a pen of 3 should make a profile for their club and add Club Pen of 3 under their specific club name. Animals do not have to be the same gender, so just choose one option for that required field.
  • Feeder Calf Showmanship - gender/EID are showing as required on the form and is a glitch. Choose to your best knowledge. Note that this will not count against you if the gender/EID from this specific entry is incorrect.
  • No paper entries are accepted – all must be entered online. Please visit the Extension office if you need help or access to a computer.
  • Works best with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Website Closes when entries close on July 15th.  This is a firm date.