Horse Advancement Levels

The Horsemanship Advancement Levels program is designed to serve as a guide for instruction and evaluation of each member's progress. The correct handling of horses is emphasized from the beginning to the most advanced level. Each level has particular emphases to assist in developing 4-H member's self-discipline, patience, self-reliance, responsibility, and pride of accomplishments.

The youth participants being tested must be enrolled in the 4-H horse project. During testing of each level, youth must also use a horse that has been properly identified on the 4-H Light Horse Identification Record and Owners Affidavit. 4-H'ers must own, lease, or manage the horse being used. Youth must have access to the horse and provide care and management as described in the Nebraska 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide. 4-H members may use any of their project horses. However, a single horse must be used for the entire skills test of each level.

4-Hers participating at the Cass County Fair, must have passed Advancement Level I by July 15th to enter any events. Participants must pass Advancement Level II to enter into Ranch Riding. 

Level I and II must be completed by May 7th before entering the State 4-H Horse Exposition Show. Level III and/or IV must be successfully completed by May 7th before entering the coordinating level classes at the State 4-H Horse Expo. Horse level testing is to be completed, including the exams and all necessary document, by June 15th. These will be accepted via mail or email.