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State 4-H Volunteer Resources

The Nebraska state 4-H website has many resources for volunteers  and club leaders ranging from training and development to club management. And check out the Fast Track Volunteer Training video series to increase your leadership skills at your own pace.

New volunteer? Complete the Youth Protection 4-H Volunteer Screening ASAP.

Spotlight on 4-H (numerous resources!)

4-H Club IRS Tax Exemption and EIN Information -  

4-H Clubs receive federal income tax exemption through a group exemption held by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. This means that 4-H clubs are exempt from paying federal income tax on funds raised on behalf of 4 H, or to support educational programs; and donors can deduct contributions to 4-H clubs. Learn more 

Volunteer Opportunities

Template Constitution & Bylaws with Financial Language

Club of the Month through the 4-H Foundation

4-H & FFA of the Week Program sponsored by Midwest Messenger

4-H History Newsletter

TSC Paper Clover Fundraiser

Cass County Youth and Club Reporting

Recording your work and experiences on the year-end-reports is a great life-time skill to acquire and practice. 

Cass County Volunteer Recognition

We are honored to recognize the valuable 4- H leaders and volunteers we have right here in Cass County! Adult volunteers may be nominated by other adults or youth, and may nominate themselves. The county level award winners will be selected by our local 4-H Council from the pool of nominations forms we receive. 

Volunteer Recognition Nomination Forms (click here)

Awards and Scholarships

4-H'ers who are seniors have many exciting opportunities during their last year of school, one of which is planning for what to do after High School.  If plans include college, please take the time to consider applying for some scholarships available to you through Cass County 4-H.  Application forms and information are shown for each available scholarship at the link below.  

Awards and Scholarship (for High School Seniors) 

Governor's Agricultural Excellence Award - 2018

The 4-H Council is a group of 9 adults and 9 youth (14 years 4-H age and older) which provide support to the Extension staff, assist in determining the direction of the 4-H program, provide support and assistance to 4-H volunteers, and support 4-H members in the program.  Adults serve three year terms; youth serve one year.

 Strong councils provides local input to the 4-H program.  4-H councils help provide  additional funds to support 4-H programs through scholarships to 4-Hers for events and college, for leader forums, and for awards offered at county events.  Additionally, 4-H councils help fund buildings on fairgrounds, staff hires, and other expenditures.  Providing direction to 4-H programs strengthens the entire state 4-H system.  Having a strong relationship is critical to a strong 4-H Youth Development Program. 

 It’s an honor to serve on the 4-H Council.  If you are interested in serving, contact the Extension Office.  Elections are held each fall in November.  

4-H Constitution

4-H Council Members
4-H Council Meeting Agendas
4-H Council Meeting Minutes

Blank Form for 4-H Council Minutes