Clover Kid Check List for the 2020 Cass County Fair

2020 Cass County 4-H Checklist - CLOVER KID

  • Complete your project.
  • Enter your project in fair. This year, ALL Clover Kid entries will be made online. Visit and complete registration for each entry by July 22nd.
  • ALL Clover Kid entries are organized under the Clover Kid department in the online system. This includes livestock, small animal, static projects, etcEnter the correct category(s).
  • Be sure you have submitted your entries completely!! Any entries left in carts are not complete and will not be accepted on entry day. You will have the option to email yourself a receipt upon completion.
  • Bring your animal to the fairgrounds on show day (if applicable). See the 2020 modified schedule and guidelines at
  • Sign up for a time to drop off and pickup your static item(s) if applicable. Visit
  • Bring your item(s) to Static Check In during your chosen time on August 2nd.
  • Pick up your judged items and ribbons at your chosen time on August 8th.