4-H Livestock Identification

Butler County Livestock Deadlines

The following dates are deadlines for identifying animals to be shown at the Butler County Fair, the Nebraska State Fair, and Ak-Sar-Ben. FFA exhibitors must also abide by these deadlines in order to show at the Butler County Fair. All information on the identification papers must be complete and turned in to the Extension Office by these dates.

**Late animal I.D.s at the county level will be accepted. However, entries will be lowered one complete ribbon color placing and will not be eligible for final championship drives.

Failure to meet these deadlines will forfeit any and all chances of exhibiting at shows outside of Butler County. Any transfer of ownership or new purchase of animals needs to be recorded on the appropriate ID forms and filed with the Butler County Extension Office prior to these dates. Any transactions after these dates will be considered a late ID and will be subject to the above mentioned penalty.

Animals can only be identified in one county.

Cat and Dog Vaccination Requirements

State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben - DNA samples are required to exhibit at State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben. The deadlines for DNA samples to be taken are the same as the identification deadlines.

  • April 15 - DNA for Market Beef (steers & heifers)