Outstanding 4-H Presentation Contest

April 10, 2019

Outstanding 4-H Presentation Contest!

            Random, interesting topics, shared by a record breaking number of 4-H members made the 4-H Presentation Contest a great success on Saturday, April 6th.

            The contest saw the largest number of participants in the past 20 years! There were eight participants giving seven presentations and I think everyone in the audience went home having learned something. Now I hate to admit, WAY back in the day (in my OLD files) the biggest number of contestants we had was 17 in 1984. Now those were the days! But the quality and variety of the presentations this year rivaled those of any year.

            In the Junior Division Ashlynne Gramke won champion honors with her presentation on “A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” Her smoothies included “Super Powders” like flax seed, whey, and acai. Reserve champion went to Hope Roscoe for her presentation on rabbits titled “Polly Cotton Tail.”  She explained what you needed to consider before you get a rabbit. Some rabbits can be 4 feet long or so covered in fur you can’t even see their eyes! These are things you’d definitely want to know before you say yes, to taking a cute little bunny home!

            Carsyn Miller of Lyons also received a purple ribbon. He explained how to assemble and launch a model rocket in his presentation titled “Ready to Launch!” He’s excited to be old enough this year to compete in the real 4-H Rocket Launch. Elisabeth Vogel made some very creative comparisons between dancing and baking a cake in her presentation “Dancing is a Piece of Cake.” She compared the type of dance to a recipe, the ballet positions to the cake ingredients, the dance gear to the baking equipment, the mixing methods to the choreography and the performance to the baking. She received a red ribbon for her first experience in the presentation contest.

            In the Senior Division top honors went to John Roscoe for his presentation on volcanoes titled “You Gotta Lava Volcanoes”. He explained there are 5 types of volcanoes and that many types of eruptions as well. Reserve champion honors went to the contest’s only team presentation which was given by Caleb and Eli Schlichting. Their presentation called “What Can be Learned from a Rubik’s Cube” gave us the history of the Rubik’s Cube and took us into the competitive world of the WCA (World Cubing Association.) They discussed the algorithms used to solve the puzzles and showed some of the many and varied Rubik’s Cubes available, such as 2x2, 3x3, pyramid and more. Miranda Bracht discussed what it takes to get a dog for 4-H. She included information on what type of dog you want, inside or outside, how to care for it including vaccinations and of course training for the 4-H Dog Show. She received a blue ribbon for her presentation.

            I can’t wait to see how many of the purple ribbon presenters decide to take their show on the road to the Nebraska State Fair this year. Participants need to be 10 years old for this State Fair competition.


One Contest Down…Two to Go in April!

            First off, the 4-H Public Speaking Contest will be held Monday, April 22nd in the Presbyterian Church in Tekamah beginning at 6:30 p.m. Entries are due no later than noon that day or they will be dropped a ribbon placing.

            Secondly, the 4-H Bicycle Rodeo will be held a week later, Monday, April 29 in Oakland in the Lutheran Church parking lot right on Hwy 77. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please call the Extension Office at 402-374-2929 to sign up for either of these great 4-H contests. Everyone is encouraged to cheer on the contestants at any 4-H event so please join us anytime you can!