Kaleidoscope of Activities

May 3, 2018

Kaleidoscope of Activities

               This time of year is a dizzying, dazzling kaleidoscope of programs, activities and events.

The school year is ending and I’m trying to squeeze in all the extra educational opportunities I can for the students and maybe focus a little of the end of the year craziness away from the teachers for an hour or so.

               There has been Embryology in all three county schools and in the Tekamah Herman and Oakland Craig Animal Science Ag Classes with at least some success in all the classrooms. One of the funniest activities was held in the Oakland-Craig Ag Class. We talked about the structure of the egg and how a chick with it’s egg tooth on top of it’s beak can peck out of the shell while the structure of the egg makes it nearly impossible to crush when squeezed in your hand.

The students of course wanted to try this challenge and so they didn’t make a mess, they put one of the eggs that had not developed, but had been in the incubator for 2 weeks in a disposable glove. Then one after another, the high school boys turn turns squeezing the egg in their hand! It was hilarious to watch them try with all their might to break the egg with their hand wrapped around the egg – squeezing from all sides. They could not do it! It finally broke when someone applied uneven pressure on just the sides. It was a great experiment and showed how the curvature of the egg protected it. I’ll do this experiment with high school students again!

The Home Alone program is another end of the year activity for me and this year only the Oakland Craig 3rd grade was able to make the sessions work into their schedule.

The annual Babysitting Clinic kicked off last week in Oakland at the Auditorium. Twenty local potential babysitters are taking part in this three-session clinic.

I’m taking part in the Tekamah-Herman Summer Health Fair this week and I’ll be visiting with approximately 260 students from Kindergarten to 6th grade about 4-H and healthy snacking.

Lyons-Decatur requested some special programming before the end of the year, so I’m planning to re-run one of the National 4-H Science experiments with these classes.

Of course, there are graduations to celebrate and I especially want to congratulate our 4-H Seniors this year. They are: Ashley Bohannon, Johnny Braniff, Dustin Burgett, Hunter Ferguson, Ellie Glup, Max Hansen, Jamison Johnson, Tanner Morriss, Megan Olson, Hallie Paulson, Ben Smith, Colton Smith, Kora Voskamp and Mikenna Zuhlke.

We wish all the graduating seniors the very best as they finish this phase of life and look forward to future achievements. 4-H Seniors, in addition, we hope you will look back on your 4-H experiences fondly and will come back to the program wherever you live as a volunteer, a parent and a 4-H leader some day soon!