July 11, 2016

2016 Fremont 4-H Fair Results

Nick Bohannon was crowned king over the 2016 Fremont 4-H Fair. Nick is the 18-year-old son of Sandy and Vance Bohannon of Tekamah. Nick was recognized for his many achievements and leadership during his 11 years in the Burt County 4-H program. Nick graduated from Tekamah-Herman this spring and will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall, majoring in Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Results from Burt County 4-H’ers at the Fremont 4-H Fair include:

Horse Show

Senior Showmanship

            Blue - Reese Hansen

            Red - Megan Olson, Casey Stone, Paige Sheffield

Junior Showmanship

            Red - Lakyn Humphrey

Western Pony Pleasure

            Purple - Reese Hansen (champion)

            Red - Megan Olson

Sr. Western Pleasure

            Red - Casey Stone

Sr. Western Horsememanship

            Red - Reese Hansen

Sr. Pole Bending

            Blue - Casey Stone

            Red - Megan Olson

Jr. Pole Bending

            Blue - Lakyn Humphrey

Sr. Barrel Racing

            Blue - Casey Stone

            Red - Megan Olson

Jr. Barrel Racing

            Purple - Lakyn Humphrey (reserve champion)

Dog Show

Senior Showmanship

            Purple - Megan Olson (champion)

            Blue - Hallie Paulson, Casey Stone

Beginning Novice Obedience - Sr. Division

            Blue - Hallie Paulson

Novice Obedience - Sr. Division

            Purple - Casey Stone (champion), Megan Olson

Agility Level 1

            Purple - Hallie Paulson

Agility Level 2

            Blue - Megan Olson

Agility Level 3

            Purple - Casey Stone (champion)

Sheep Show

AOB Breeding Ewe

            Purple - Brent Miller (champion)

Commercial Ewe Lamb

            Purple - Brent Miller

Commercial Yearling Ewe

            Purple - Hannah Brudigam

Senior Showmanship

            Purple - Brent Miller (champion), Layne Miller

Junior Showmanship

            Blue - Bailey Pelan

White Influence Market Lamb

            Purple - Brent Miller

Middleweight Hampshire Market Lamb

            Purple - Brent Miller

Lightweight Natural Market Lamb

            Purple - Layne Miller, Hannah Brudigam

Crossbred Market Lamb

            Purple - Hannah Brudigam (2), Layne Miller (2), Bailey Pelan,

            Blue - Bailey Pelan (2)

Meat Goat Show

Senior Showmanship

            Purple - Abigail Peterson

Meat Goat

            Purple - Abigail Peterson (2)

Beef Show

Commercial Breeding Heifer

            Purple - Bailey Fleischman, Bryce Uhing

Senior Showmanship

            Purple - Bailey Fleischman (reserve champion), Abigail Peterson, Bryce Uhing

Market Heifer

            Purple - Bailey Fleischman, Abigail Peterson

Market Steer

Purple - Brennan Ahrens (champion heavyweight steer, reserve grand champion steer, Cody Elliott (reserve champion middleweight steer), Trenton Elliott (champion lightweight steer), Bailey Fleischman, Garrett Klausen

            Blue - Abigail Peterson

Swine Show

Senior Showmanship

            Purple - Jenna Bromm (Reserve Champion)

Intermediate Showmanship

            Purple - Brayden Anderson

Junior Showmanship

            Purple - Elise Anderson

            Blue - Jocelyn Hightree

Progress Gilts

            Purple - Brayden Anderson, Elise Anderson

Market Gilts

            Purple - Brayden Anderson, Elise Anderson

            Blue - Jocelyn Hightree

Progress Barrows

            Purple - Brayden Anderson, Jocelyn Hightree, Jenna Bromm

            Blue - Elise Anderson, Jocelyn Hightree

Market Barrows

            Purple - Jenna Bromm 

Insect Identification Contest

            Blue - Elise Anderson

Static Exhibits

Ashley Bohannon, Tekamah

            Acrylic Painting, blue

Nick Bohannon, Tekamah

            Computer Website, purple (gold medal - computers)

            4-H Scrapbook, blue

Brent Miller, Lyons

            Heavy Duty Booster Cable - purple (gold medal - electricity level 3)

            Birdhouse - purple (silver medal - wildlife habitat)

            Entomology Box - purple

            Rocket - purple

            Decorative Wreath - purple

Layne Miller, Lyons

            Wooden Plant Stand - purple (gold medal - woodworking level 3)

            Wooden Checkerboard - purple

            Clay Pot Bird House - purple

            Deer Tin Punch - purple

            Rocket - purple

            Decorative Wreath - purple

            Plate Bird Feeder - blue

July 13, 2015

2015 Fremont 4-H Fair Results

Burt County 4-H members made a good showing at the Fremont 4-H Fair last week at Christensen Field in Fremont. One of the highest awards went to Brent Miller of Lyons. He was crowned the Fremont 4-H Fair King at the community luncheon Friday. This honor comes after filling out an application giving an overview of his extensive 4-H career and going through an interview.  Besides the crown he receives two scholarships. One is the Jack Paulson Scholarship and the other is the Rhonda Schroeder Memorial Scholarship.

Swine Show:

The Swine Showmanship contest showed a lot of Burt County talent. Jenna Bromm, of Oakland won the senior division while Brayden Anderson of Lyons won the Intermediate division. His sister, Elise Anderson took 3rd place in the Junior Division. Jocelyn Hightree of South Sioux City and Cason Stevenson of Oakland both received blue ribbons.

In the Swine Show Jenna Bromm came away with the Champion Progress Gilt as well as two other first and second purples in her classes. Brayden Anderson had a top purple and two blue ribbons with his animals. Cason Stevenson also had a top purple along with a blue ribbon. Jocelyn Hightree had a purple and a blue ribbon while Elise Anderson received 3 blues on her hogs.

Elise Anderson took a break from showing her pigs and took part in the Insect Identification Contest where she won the gold medal in the Junior Division.

Beef Show:

Bailey Fleischman of Tekamah had a great day in the Beef Show. He showed the Supreme Campion Commercial Breeding Heifer, a purple ribbon winning market steer and was the silver medal winning showman in the senior showmanship division. Cody Elliott of Tekamah also showed a purple ribbon breeding heifer as did Jessica Fleischman of Herman. Blue ribbons were earned by Bryce Uhing and Abigail Peterson of West Point.

Leah Keithley of Hooper showed the reserve champion market heifer. She also showed another purple ribbon winner as did Vanessa Peterson and Bryce Uhing both of West Point. 

In the Market Steer Division Cody Elliott, Abigail Peterson and Jadyn Fleischman all showed purple ribbon animals.

In Beef Showmanship besides Bailey Fleischman as the silver medal winner in the senior division, Bryce Uhing received a purple. In the Junior Division Leah Keithley received a purple ribbon.

Sheep Show:

In the Sheep Show Layne Miller of Lyons took home reserve champion breeding ewe as well as three blue ribbons in the market lamb division.

Brent Miller of Lyons showed two purple ribbon breeding ewes and a purple and blue ribbon market lambs.

Bailey Pelan of Oakland received two purple ribbons on her market lambs while Hannah Brudigam of Oakland showed two blue ribbon lambs.

In showmanship Bailey Pelan received a purple ribbon in the Junior Division, while Layne Miller received a blue in the intermediate division and Brent Miller received a red in senior showmanship.

Dog Show:

Megan Olson of Tekamah won the gold medal in Senior Dog Showmanship while Rayna Hladky of Tekamah received a purple and Casey Stone of Tekamah a blue in intermediate showmanship.

In Beginning Novice division Megan Olson and Casey Stone both received blues while Rayna Hladky received a red.

In the Agility Division Megan Olson, Casey Stone and Rayna Hladky all received purples.

Horse Show:

Results of the Horse Show found Reese Hansen of Herman receiving a purple in Senior Showmanship while Bobbie Castle Gosch of Decatur received a white. In Junior Showmanship Lakyn Humphrey of Decatur received a red ribbon.

Reese Hansen received a purple in Pony Pleasure and in Wester Pleasure Sr. she received a red. She also received a red in Sr. Western Horsemanship.

Lakyn Humphrey received a red in Jr Western Pleasure.

In the speed contests, Lakyn Humphrey received second purple in the Jr. Barrels and a white in poles. In the senior divisions, Bobbie Castle Gosch received reds in both barrels and poles.

Rabbit Show:

Bobbie Castle Gosch of Decatur received reserve champion in Intermediate Rabbit Showmanship while in the Junior Division Lakyn Humphrey received a blue ribbon.

Grace Monson of Craig received a purple and a blue with her Netherland Dwarf.

Bobbie Castle Gosch showed a purple ribbon winning Holland Lop and Lakyn Humphry received a blue on her Holland rabbit.

Goat Show:

Abigail Peterson of West Point received a purple and two blues on her meat goats.

Shooting Sports Contest:

Thomas Hennig of Tekamah was named Champion in the Senior Division in the air rifle division.

Static Exhibit Results:

July 19, 2015

Static results–¦how exciting does that sound? Still, motionless, stagnant, quiet–¦BORING! But, the static 4-H exhibits 4-H members produce may be motionless, but they are anything but boring. If you didn't make it to the Fremont 4-H Fair, you'll just have to come to the Burt County Fair to see what creative projects these 4-H members have created.

Special recognition medals were awarded to the top two exhibits in each project area. Burt County 4-H members brought home seven of these medals for the exhibits they had created.
Rayna Hladky of Tekamah received a gold medal for her acrylic painting in the Portfolio Pathways project.
Jenna Voskamp of Tekamah had her child development game named as a silver medal winner in Child Development.
Brent Miller of Lyons was a multiple award winner receiving a gold for his deer feeder in Wildlife Habitat; a silver in Model Rocketry and a silver in Electricity for rewiring a livestock grooming blower.
Layne Miller also of Lyons brought home two medals, a gold on his model rocket and a silver on his colonial folding table in woodworking.

Other Results included Clover Kids exhibits which are non-competitive:

Consumer and family science: Brennan Trotter, Tekamah, Kaylin Miller, Lyons (2) and Lily Ann Willing, Tekamah (2)
Communications and Expressive Arts: Brennan Trotter
Environmental Education and Earth Science: Veona Hladky, Tekamah; Kaylin Miller and Lily Ann Willing.
Healthy Lifestyles Education: Lily Ann Willing
Misc. Other Items: Brennan Trotter and Lily Ann Willling (3)

In 4-H competition in the STEAM Clothing 1 project: Colten Miller, Lyons Purple

STEAM Clothing 2: Ashley Bohannon, Tekamah, Blue.

Beyond the Needle: Blue ribbons to: Jadyn Fleischman, Herman; Jessica Fleischman, Herman; Kora Voskamp, Tekamah; Jenna Voskamp, Hannah Rief, Tekamah; Claire Dllouhy, Herman; Anna Wakehouse, Tekamah, Emma Wakehouse, Tekamah; Avery Trotter, Tekamah, Casey Stone, Tekamah, Izzy Connealy, Tekamah; Maggie Braniff, Tekamah and Ryan Braniff, Tekamah.
Red ribbons went to: Katheryn Gregerson, Herman; Connor Davis,  Tekamah; Izzy Connealy; Anna Stork, Tekamah; Anna Wakehouse, Emma Wakehouse, Jadyn Fleischman, and Hannah Rief.

Child Development: Purple: Jenna Voskamp and Red: Kennedy Pagels, Tekamah.

Design My Place: Purple: Elizabeth Dlouhy, Herman

Portfolio Pathways: Rayna Hladky; Blue: Ashley Bohannon and Jodi Kocsis, Tekamah.

Sketchbook Crossroads: Purple: Rayna Hladky; Blue: Ashley Bohannon

Design Decisions: Purple: Colten Miller (2), Hailey Miller, Kennedy Pagels, Jenna Voskamp, Emma Wakehouse (2), Layne Miller (2), Brent Miller, Kora Voskamp (2), Liz Dlouhy; Blue: Anna Stork, Anna Wakehouse, Hannah Rief (2),

Kora Voskamp, Ryan Braniff; Red: Jenna Voskamp. Casey Stone, Claire Dlouhy, Avry Trotter, Anna Stork, Rayna Hladky, Katheryn Gregerson and Kennedy Pagels.

Woodworking: Purple: Layne Miller and Brent Miller

Model Rocketry: Purple Layne Miller and Brent Miller.

Electricity: Purple: Brent Miller; Blue: Layne Miller.

Wildlife: Purple: Brent Miller

Floriculture: Purple: Brent Miller and Layne Miller.

These "static 4-H exhibits" don't need to be led or herded. They are motionless themselves, but they do show the creativity and talent of these 4-H members, as well as the growth in skills achieved through the 4-H year.

July 21, 2014

Fremont 4-H Fair Static Exhibit and Sheep Showmanship Results

Many beautiful 4-H exhibits were taken to the Fremont 4-H Fair. These Burt County 4-H members enjoyed seeing their exhibits on display after judging.

Cody Bachtell:
Embellished garment –“ Blue
Wall accessory –“ Red
Simple accessory –“ Purple –“ Gold Medal
Wood Accessory –“ Red
Flowers –“ Blue
Miniature Garden –“ Blue
Walnuts –“ Purple
Herb –“ Blue
Wildlife Feeded/Waterer –“ Purple

Ashley Bohannon:
Acrylic Painting –“ Purple
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework –“ Red

Nick Bohannon:
4-H Scrapbook –“ Purple
Computer Slideshow –“ Purple
Computer Build a Website –“ Purple and Gold Medal

Maggie Braniff:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue

Ryan Braniff:
Needlework –“ Blue
Ink painted tiles –“ Purple

Brooklyn Brenneis:
Ink painted tiles –“ Purple
Needlework - Purple

Izzy Connealy:
Ink painted tiles –“ Purple

Alex Davis:
Acrylic Painting –“ Purple
Wall Accessory –“ Red
Recycled Accessory - Purple
Slicing Cucumbers - Blue

Connor Davis: Clover Kid Exhibits:
Acrylic Painting
Tied Fleece Pillow
Tin Punch
Barn Quilt

Claire Dlouhy:
Ink painted tiles –“ Purple
Simple Skirt –“ Purple
Crochet I –“ Blue
Crochet II- Purple

Elizabeth Dlouhy:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework - Blue

Katheryn Gregerson:
Ink painted tiles –“ Purple
Needlework –“ Purple
Reese Hansen:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue

Rayna Hladky:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework - Purple

Veona Hladky: Clover Kid Exhibits:
Hand Stitched towel
Ink Painted Tiles

Brent Miller:
Rocket –“ Purple –“ Silver Medal
Child Care –“ Blue
Woodworking –“ Purple –“ Gold
Bird House –“ Purple

Heidi Miller:
Acrylic painting –“ Purple
Barn Playhouse –“ Purple –“ Gold Medal
Citizenship –“ Purple –“ Gold Medal
Child Care –“ Blue
Recycled Accessory - Purple

Layne Miller:
Rocket –“ Purple –“ Gold medal
Wildlife feeder/waterer –“ Purple
Bird House –“ Purple –“ Gold Medal
Sewing for Fun –“ Purple –“ Silver Medal

Kennedy Pagels:
Ink painted tiles –“ Red

Lacey Petersen:
Wall Accessory –“ Purple
Needlework –“ Red
Recycled Accessory –“ Blue
Quilt Quest –“ Blue
Pillow - Blue

Amelia Schlichting:
Skirted Outfit - Blue

Casey Stone:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework –“ Red

Avry Trotter: Clover Kid Exhibits:
Ink painted coasters

Brennan Trotter: Clover Kid Exhibits:
Hand stitched towel
Painted Ink tiles

Jenna Voskamp:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework - Purple

Koralynn Voskamp:
Needlework - Blue
Ink painted tiles –“ Red

Anna Wakehouse:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework –“ Blue

Emma Wakehouse:
Ink painted tiles –“ Blue
Needlework –“ Purple

Lily Ann Willing: Clover Kid Exhibits:
Hand stitched towel
Ink Painted tiles
Decorated shirt

Sheep Showmanship Results

Senior Division:

Brent Miller –“ Purple

Intermediate Division:

Rylee Stevenson –“ Purple
Layne Miller –“ Purple