April 3, 2019


Drone Workshop Open to 4-H Families

4-H Families are invited to attend a Drone Workshop at Infinite 8 in Fremont on Wednesday, April 10th at 5:30 pm. This workshop will have presentations from a licensed drone pilot and an opportunity for Q&A. The workshop will cover the basics, such as how to become a drone pilot. Additional content will be formulated through the Q&A.

If you are interested in Drone Technology and would like to experience and learn from the professionals, please plan to attend.

In the 4-H Aerospace Project area DRONES - UNIT 5 there is a State Fair eligible exhibit option for a drone poster.

  • H850009 - Drone Poster: Exhibit must be designed to educate yourself and others on one or more of the following topics: drone technologies, uses of drones, the different types of drones, types of training needed to operate drones, and the laws and regulations users must follow. Posters can be any size up to 28" by 22".

Other exhibit ideas, competitions and exhibitions are also possibilities for Burt

County. Let us know what you’d like!

What: Drone Workshop

When: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Time: 5:30 pm

Where: 544 N. Main Street, Fremont, NE

Conducted by: Infinite 8

Cost: FREE!!!


4-H Public Speaking Contest

What would it take to make you feel more comfortable speaking in front of a group?  For most people it takes practice and the 4-H Public Speaking Contest provides that opportunity for our 4-H members.  4-H’ers are encouraged to take part in both the speech and P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) Divisions of the contest.

Monday, April 22, 6:30 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church in Tekamah

Pre-registration deadline:

NOON, April 22nd, call Extension office: 402-374-2929

Put this day and date on your calendar and make plans to stretch your skills by giving a 4-H speech so you can proudly say, “I did it and I feel GREAT!”


Public Service Announcement (PSA) Details:

Have you ever heard a commercial?  Well, that is a Public Service Announcement (P.S.A.). What we want you to do is give a 60 second 4-H commercial.  Again this year there will be a state-wide theme which is: “Inspire Kids to Do”. You can go any direction with this thought, but in order to be considered for regional competition the P.S.A. needs to be on this topic. Keep your P.S.A. general so it could be used any time or anywhere in the state. (Don’t put our Extension Office number on it for example.) Sound effects and public domain music may be used. Copyrighted material may not be use.

All 4-H PSA’s must include the following tag line within the last ten seconds of the PSA: "Learn more about the Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu."  The tag line is included in the 60 second time limit.


How do I give a P.S.A.?

The great thing about P.S.A.’s is that you don’t need to memorize them. You can read them from a manuscript either standing or sitting at a microphone and you won’t even have to look at the judge because they will be facing the other direction! They will only be judging on how you give your P.S.A. (your voice, inflection, excitement, etc.)  Sound effects and/or public domain music may be used for emphasis or background, but you need to be the one who brings all the equipment and you need to push the buttons to start and stop. Remember, PSA’s must end with the following tag line"Learn more about the Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu." 

Remember to bring a copy of your P.S.A. for the judge to review.



First Timers P.S.A. Pre-Written Script Division

First time participants in the P.S.A. Contest may choose to use one of the pre-written P.S.A. scripts available in the March newsletter or in the Extension Office. This gives you a chance to participate without having to actually write the P.S.A.  A judge will write comments to help you improve your performance, but you will not actually be judged. Participants in the Pre-written Script Division will receive a $2.00 premium but will not be eligible for the special cash awards which are available to 4-H’ers writing an original P.S.A. This is an easy way to try out the contest. If you want to compete for special awards just enter the appropriate age division of the contest and write an original P.S.A.


P.S.A. Contest Rewards

P.S.A. participants will receive $2.00 for participating in the contest, a comment sheet and a ribbon.  Special cash awards will be given for the top two original P.S.A.’s in each age division. A $10 Pork Award will be given to the top PSA in each age division. Age divisions are: Junior: 10 and under; Intermediate: 11-13 and Senior: ages 14 & over.


4-H Speech Contest Details:

     The 4-H speech contest helps you develop confidence in your ability to speak in front of others.  You learn to organize your thoughts and to share those thoughts with others. All speeches must relate in some way to 4-H.  4-H’ers may select any style of speech they would like (informative, persuasive, motivational, entertaining, or action.)  4-H public speakers may not use an old speech written by a sibling, other 4-H member, or anyone else. Acknowledge the source of information used in the speech. For example, an article from a magazine may be used for reference, but should not be quoted directly unless you tell the audience your source.


No visuals are permitted during this contest.  This includes props or clothing used to develop the character or posters (check into the 4-H Presentation contest if you want to use visuals.)

·       Only Clover Kids, ages 5-7 may use prop(s) for their Show and Tell speech.

Pre-registration for the Speech Contest

     All 4-H speakers in either the P.S.A. and/or Speech divisions must pre-register for the contest by NOON the day of the contest, Monday, April 22. You will be dropped a ribbon placing if you are not pre-entered by this time. (Earlier registrations are appreciated in case more judges are needed.)

     Call the Extension Office (402-374-2929) with your name, age as of January 1, 2019, title of speech and/or if you are giving a P.S.A.  Also let us know if it is the first time you have given a 4-H speech or P.S.A.  Refer back to the March 4-H Newsletter for more details or give us a call if you’d like more information or if you need help with your speech. If you have a schedule conflict we can videotape your speech or PSA prior to the contest date.


Special Awards for Speech and P.S.A. Contest

The top purple or blue ribbon speech and P.S.A. in Jr., Int. & Sr. divisions on pork (i.e. using pork products, lard, pigskin, raising hogs, etc.) will win special $10 cash awards from the Burt County Pork Producers. Structure your speeches and P.S.A.’s on pork! The Champion and Reserve Champion speakers in each age division of the speech contest win a trophy and camp scholarships or activity vouchers.