A Green Blur of Activity!

Green Blur of Activity!

 It’s been a blur of 4-H activities the past week or so which seemed to create a green blur for many – especially me! Here’s a quick rundown of past and future opportunities!

 4-H Adventure Camp

Cuming, Colfax and Burt Count Extension worked together to put on the annual 4-H Adventure Camp which was held Friday, June 7 in West Point. Fifty-eight 8-11 year old campers attended with 19 of them from Burt County. They spent the day rotating through educational and fun activities including making pinecone flowers, nutritious snacks, canoeing and water relays.

 YQCA Training:

We’ve had the final two sessions of the YQCA (Youth Quality Care of Animals) Training and the face-to-face opportunities are finished for this year.  


The first session of the 4-H Pottery Workshops was conducted by Marilyn Tenney in Lyons. The beginning pottery had 12 attend and 5 took part in the advanced pottery session where they got to use the pottery wheel. The second session of the class will be this week when the 4-H members get to glaze their projects before the final firing. Both beginning and advanced groups will meet at 10:00 at Marilyn’s garage studio on Tuesday, June 18.

 Pillowcase Workshop:

The pillowcase workshop was so popular we decided to split the group in order to make this endeavor more manageable. That was good thinking on our part as even working with six 4-H members at a time was enough…even with some good adult help assisting them. The instructions we followed were for what they called “The 15 minute Pillowcase.” This was false advertising at best! Granted they didn’t expect inexperienced sewers to complete it in that time, but 3 hours is a LOT more than 15 minutes! I had planned for two hours and luckily we were able to finish up during both sessions even with the extended time needed. The good news is the 4-H members went home with some adorable pillowcases ready to go to the fair!

 Succulent and Bud Vase Workshop:

Haley Zabel, Tekamah-Herman Voc Ag Instructor invited 4-H members to take part in a workshop featuring planting succulents and arranging a bud vase. Eight participants were 4-H members (a few were both 4-H and FFA) and they had a great time learning how to properly plant the succulents and to cut and arrange the flower and filler stems for the bud vase. The most challenging part of the day was trying to tie a bow worthy of their pretty flowers.

Acrylic Painting Workshop

The Acrylic Painting Workshop is set for this week, June 19th at the Vet’s Building in Oakland. Right now we have 23 signed up and that’s really exciting!

 Pie Day I

It’s time to start making pie for the Burt County Fair 4-H Kitchen. Pie Day I will be held Thursday, June 20 in the basement of the Methodist Church in Tekamah. All help is appreciated – especially adult help – 4-H connected or not…we don’t care! Pie making begins at 8:00 a.m. and lunch will be provided for the workers. Pie Day I involves making apple, strawberry rhubarb and rhubarb pies. Pie Day II will be July 13 in Oakland at the Vet’s Building. Please add these dates to your calendar and let’s make short work of the pie making!

 Sign Up for 4-H Kitchen Shifts

Working in the 4-H Kitchen is a Burt County 4-H tradition – however we want it to be at the most convenient time for you and your family. Please call the Burt County Extension Office at 402-374-2929 to volunteer for either the early or later shift for Friday-Tuesday, July 19-23. Get on a shift with your friends and the time will fly by! Thanks!