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May 18, 2018
Wind Program
Lyons Decatur fourth grader Alizabeth seems to be holding her breath as her wind turbine teammate Gytano tries out their wind turbine design in front of the fan as part of the 4-H Wired for Wind National 4-H Science Experiment.
Avery and Aubrey designed a successful wind turbine during the Lyons Decatur 4th grade session of the Wired for Wind National 4-H Science Experiment presented last week by Mary Loftis, NE Extension Associate.

Lyons-Decatur 6th graders took part in the 4-H Wired for Wind program presented by Mary Loftis, Nebraska Extension Associate during their last few days in class last week.

Kylie and Braden test their wind turbine design in front of the wind source - the fan, while Ashlynn also tries to catch a breeze with her groups design.

May 11, 2018
Babysitting Clinic

Mary Loftis, Nebraska Extension Associate (center) encouraged babysitting clinic participants to make snacks exciting for their charges by switching an ice cream and cookies snack into a fun ice cream sandwich. The babysitting clinic concluded its final session last week with 16 participants attending all three sessions.

Photo by Katie Rieck


Katie Rieck helped wrap up the Burt County Extension Babysitting Clinic last week with a diapering demonstration on her daughter, despite their recent potty training success.

She emphasized participants must ALWAYS keep a hand on the child they are diapering and to distract them with a toy so they lay still.

Katie also suggested using a towel or diaper pad and changing the diaper on the floor to avoid the risk of the baby rolling off a changing table.

Sixteen participants attended all three clinic sessions and received their Babysitting Clinic Certificate.

May 3, 2018
Kaleidoscope of Activities

The Clover Stars 4-H Club met last week to learn how to bake cookies from the new 4-H Cooking 101 project.

Mya, Emilia, Mady work on their cookie recipes while 4-H mom, Becky Davis helps with the project.

These Burt County Babysitting Clinic participants took great pride in making their “Apple Smiles” snack during the first session of the clinic last week in Oakland.

The group learns different snacks they can easily make for their babysitting charges as well as learning how to deal with and accept all the responsibility of this important job.

The clinic is put on each year by Mary Loftis, Nebraska Extension Associate in Burt County.

Tom, an Oakland-Craig high school student tries his hardest to crush an egg (placed in a disposable glove) during an embryology project experiment in Kylie Penke’s animal science class. The real strength of an egg lies in its shape. A side blow from a sharp object puts pressure across the thin shell and easily breaks it. But squeezing directs pressure on the egg so that it compresses along, not across the shell.  This is why architects and engineers have used smooth curves (arches) to support the weight of structures. Who knew an egg could be so strong, but still a baby chick can peck out of it?

April 19, 2018
High School Embryology
Blake and Lane work with their fellow Oakland-Craig high school animal science students setting eggs in the incubator last week. The Tekamah-Herman high school animal science class took part in the 4-H Embryology project in March, while chicks will be hatching very soon in the Lyons-Decatur 3rd grade, Oakland-Craig’s 4th grade classrooms and Tekamah-Herman’s 2nd grade classes.
April 18, 2018
YQCA Training

Megan has the full attention of her 4-H counterparts during the Youth Quality Care of Animals training at the Craig Fire Hall last week.

The group discussed nutrition in the food they eat and what they feed their animals. They also mixed a ration (snack) to share as part of the training.

Megan is surrounded by Cameron, Madeline, Gavin, Parke (mostly hidden) and Izzy.

April 16, 2018
Argo YQCA Training

The Argo 4-H Club hosted the Youth Quality Care of Animals training Sunday, April 15 at the Craig Fire Hall.

Twenty-five 4-H and FFA members and their parents from across the county attended the training which focused on Food Safety, Animal Well-Being and Life Skills.

Activities included mixing a ration for their group from a recipe including popcorn, multi-grain Cheerios, raisins, Crasins and M&M’s.

Taking part in making the ration were: Preston, Tate, Jalyn, Olivia and Tavis.


April 3, 2018
Speech Contest Photos

Above: These 4-H Public Service Announcement contestants used their best radio voices as they competed for ribbons, trophies and awards during the Burt County 4-H Public Speaking Contest held Monday, April 2.

Front row: Logan, Hope and John

Back Rob: Ashlynne, Madison, Paul, Rayna and Cody.

Below: The 4-H Speech Contest included the Clover Kid Show and Tell Division during the 4-H Public Speaking Contest April 2.

Participants were:

Front Row: Colton, Carsyn and Gus

Middle Row: Veona, Alexander, Jackson, Will, Hope and Caroline

Back Row: Paul, Molly, Ashlynne, John and Faith.

March 16, 2018
YQCA Training

Max, Grant and Brennan work on correctly measuring their “Feed Ration” during the YQCA training held recently in Tekamah. 4-H members discussed the different ingredients in their ration and how they related to the feed they give their livestock.

Burt's Best Team Building
Burt’s Best 4-H Club members; Greta, Reese, Neil and Kennedy worked together to build the tallest tower of cards as part of a team building activity during a recent Burt’s Best 4-H Club meeting. 4-H Leader Wayne Hansen is measuring their tower to see how tall it was. (They got second place!)
Clover Stars' Spring Signs

The Clover Stars 4-H Club met recently to make signs for Spring to deliver to the Tekamah Health and Rehab Center.

Showing their creative designs were:

Back row: Connor, Alex, Emilia, and Mackenzie

Front row: Wyatt, Coraline, Mady and Isabella

March 8, 2018
March Snow Fun
Logan, Genevieve and Ashlynne got into the spirit of “Hunting for new 4-H’ers” with their 4-H snow sculpture a couple weeks ago, but just in time for Burt County 4-H Week!
March 4, 2018
4-H Achievement Celebration
Above: These very busy Burt County 4-H members are holding their My Year in 4-H Awards for all their activities last year at the annual 4-H Achievement/Kickoff event held Sunday in Fremont.
Below: Even more effort was put forward by these 4-H members after completing their 4-H Career Portfolios.
These pre-4-H’ers also got to take part in the 4-H Bowling party Sunday in Fremont.
February 24, 2018
Burt County Fair Foundation Fundraiser
The Lyons Auditorium was abuzz with great food, conversation, entertainment and generosity during the Burt County Fair Foundation Fundraiser held last Saturday night, February 24.  Approximately 320 people attended the event and all proceeds go to improving the Burt County Fair.

February 16, 2018
Connecting the Dots - Career Exploration
Wyatt and Kenny listen intently to Brenna Wakeley and Michael Nissen as they share information about banking and finance careers during the Connecting the Dots Career Exploration program held last Wednesday in Oakland. Approximately 70 ninth graders from across Burt County took part in the career simulation and career program sponsored by Nebraska Extension in Burt County and First Northeast Bank of Nebraska.