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October 3, 2017

National 4-H Science Experiment

Above: Jasmyne, Eli, Brady, & Kaden work together in the Lyons-Decatur 4th Grade on the National 4-H Science Experiment last week.

Below: Mason, Amara, Skye, and Caulin work together to construct the wearable health monitor as part of the National 4-H Science Experiment presented to the fifth grade classes at Oakland Craig Monday afternoon by Mary Loftis, Nebraska Extension Associate.

Above: These Oakland-Craig 5th Graders took part in the Incredible Wearables National 4-H Science Experiment this week. Brennan, Bailey, Aidan, Adi, Shea, & Amy worked together to create a wearable health monitor and connect it to the internet to collect their data.

Below: Brooke, Madison, Kaylina, Piper, and William look like they are making a cast for Kaylina, but it’s the wearable health monitor they created as part of the National 4-H Science Experiment on Incredible Wearables presentedMonday in the O-C fifth grade classroom by Mary Loftis, Nebraska Extension Associate.


September 15, 2017

GPS Workshop

Lyons-Decatur fifth grader, Lacey concentrates on setting her compass to the correct bearings during the Nebraska Extension sponsored GPS workshop held in West Point last week. Burt and Cuming County Extension coordinated this education opportunity for area schools.

Larry Howard, Nebraska Extension Educator helps Jackson and Alexander position their “GPS satellites” around the beach ball “earth” in order to locate GPS units in West Point during the GPS workshop last week.

All Burt County 5th grade classes took part in this program sponsored by Nebraska Extension in Burt and Cuming County.

Nebraska Extension Associate, Mary Loftis assists T-H fifth graders with setting bearings on a compass at the Burt and Cuming County Extension GPS workshop in West Point last week.

These Tekamah-Herman 5th graders completed their day at the Nebraska Extension sponsored Global Positioning System Workshop by using their GPS units to successfully find their temporary geocache.


August 10, 2017

Burt County Fair Photos

More on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BurtCountyNE4H/

Emilia shares the good news of their Reserve Champion Small Companion Animal win with her hedgehog,  “Pickle.”

Ethan (center) celebrates his sweeping win of the 4-H Poultry Show Saturday morning with his supportive family surrounding him.

Ethan won all the Poultry trophies…Champion and Reserve Champion Poultry Exhibit and Champion Poultry Exhibitor.

Celebrating with Ethan are: Gavin, Kenny, Tiffany and Lillian.

These proud Burt County 4-H members will be sending the exhibits they are holding as well as many more to the Nebraska State Fair this week.

Over 100 exhibits were selected to go to the State Fair including presentations, speech contest competitors and selected eligible purple ribbon static exhibits in the 4-H Building.

Livestock exhibitors are in addition to this group. The State Fair runs from August 25-September 4 in Grand Island.

Proudly showing their state fair exhibits are:

Back row: Amelia, Ashley, Michael, Caleb, Layne, Gavin, Nic and Faith.

Middle; Cody, Ellie, Elise, Hayley, Jessica, Anna, Jadyn and Karley.

Front: Miranda, Madison, Sierra, Hope, Andrew, Ashlynne, Paul, John, Rayna and Lily Ann.


July 27, 2017

Presentations Contest

Andrew and Amelia worked together to make an apple pie during the 4-H Presentation Contest last week.

Michael and Caleb teamed up to present information on the FIRST Lego League robotics program for their 4-H presentation.

Eli explained all the equipment you needed to be a beekeeper during his 4-H presentation last week.

Paul discusses the different ways to make pottery in his presentation “All About Pottery.”

John demonstrates how to make your own diorama rather than going to a giant IMAX theatre for his 4-H presentation topic.


July 24, 2017

Favorite Foods Contest

If you ever get a meal invitation from any of these 4-H members, just say YES!

Not only will you enjoy a wonderful meal, but you’ll love the table decorations!

Showing their skills in the 4-H Favorite Foods Contest last week were:

Back row: Ashley, Elise, Ashlynne, and Madison.

Middle: Andrew, Myesha, Lily Ann; Karsen, Linden and Sydney.

Front: Genevieve and Logan.

Not pictured: Gavin, Caleb and Eli.


July 22, 2017

Pie Day I

Elijah was anxious to start learning how to make a pie at the 4-H Pie Day last week in Tekamah. With the help of his mom, Connie he did a very nice job!

He and anyone else can get even more practice by attending Pie Day II in Oakland at the Vet’s Building in Oakland on Saturday, July 29. Everyone’s welcome to help out! Cherry, peach and apricot pies will be made at the second pie day starting at 8:00 along with fruit cups at the 4-H Kitchen in the early afternoon.


July 21, 2017

4-H Rocket Launch

A great group of young 4-H members competed in the 4-H Rocket Launch just south of Decatur Thursday evening.

Participating in the event were:

Back row: Mackenzie, Michael, Brayden, Layne, Elise and Caleb.

Middle row: Elijha, Linden, Colten, Andrew, Javar and Brady.

Front: Gavin and Eli.


July 11, 2017

Bicycle Rodeo

These Burt County 4-H members proved they have real riding and safety skills during the 4-H Bicycle Rodeo held at the Catholic Church parking lot in Tekamah last Tuesday evening.

Taking part in the contest were: Mady and Coraline, Carsyn, Gavin, Grant (partially hidden).

Tye and Tate, Lane and Parke, and Joey.


July 7, 2017

Clover Kid Camp

Eight young 4-H members completed a number of fun and education projects during the morning session of the 4-H Clover Kid Camp held last Thursday in Oakland.

Seated with their projects in front and above them are: Kambell, Cassidy, Carcyn, Beckett, Brylee, Greta, Will and Kendall.

Junior Leader helpers standing behind the group are: Cody, Faith and Paul.

The afternoon session of the Clover Kid 4-H Camp was more popular with 12 participating in lots of fun activities.

Seated are: Wyatt, Gracie, Mady, Jenaveev, Elijah, Gavin, Quinn, Logan, Carsyn, Keryn, Genevieve, and Coraline.

Junior leader helpers for the camp standing behind are: Faith, Cody and Paul.

These three Clover Kids wait patiently in line for Extension Intern, Nick Bohannon to add a pinch of salt to the butter they just made.

Coraline, Jenaveev and Genevieve are the 4-H Clover Kid Camp butter makers.


July 7, 2017

Stars & Stripes Workshop

Gavin puts some finishing touches on his foot stool during the Stars and Stripes 4-H Workshop held last week in Oakland.

Karley diligently works on her Stars and Stripes project during the 4-H workshop last week in Oakland.


June 21, 2017


These 4-H STEM Camp participants show their pride in the brightly lit paper circuit designs they made at the camp.

Pictured are:

Back Row: Alex, Brady, Jackson, Molly, Veona, Grant, and Myesha;

Middle Row: Ashlynne, Garrett, Mackenzie, Rayna, Paul and Luke.

Front Row: Madison, Parke, Joey, Javar, Connor and Gavin.

Gavin, Mackenzie and Parke get ready for the solar car race at the 4-H STEM Camp last week in Oakland.


June 16, 2017

QA Training

Ashlynne and Emma work together to practice giving sub-cutaneous and intermuscular injections to their banana as part of the 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance training held last week in Oakland.
This training is required for all 4-H and FFA youth showing animals in any fairs including the Burt County Fair. 


June 1, 2017

Photography FUNshop

These young photographers from across the county roamed the streets and stores of Tekamah during the 4-H Photography Funshop held Wednesday, May 31 at the Tekamah Library.

Ready to head out and practice their skills are:

Back Row: Miranda, Isaac, Javar, Caleb, Myesha, Paul, Camryn, Lacey and John.

Front Row: Andrew, Elijah, Molly, Tessa, Madeline, Hope, Eli and Alex.


April 20, 2017

Burt County 4-H Speech/PSA Contest

One minute was as long as these 4-H members had to speak during the 4-H Public Service Announcement Contest held Monday, April 17th in Tekamah.

The sixty second 4-H commercials were given by: Front Row: Miranda, Paul, John and Hope; Back Row: Madison, Gavin, Cody, Elise and Faith.

These 4-H members expanded their skills in public speaking by giving a speech during the 4-H Public Speaking Contest, Monday, April 17th.

Giving speeches were:

Front row: Lily Ann, Veona, Hope, Carsyn and Tye.

2nd Row: Molly, Ashlynne, Andrew, Eli, John, Linden and Tate.

Back Row: Caleb, Paul, Ellie, Faith and Rayna.


April 13, 2017

High School Embryology

Mary Loftis, NE Extension Associate explains the chicken embryo development specimen jars to Oakland-Craig High School Animal Science students Jeff, Tom, Jamie and Clayton.

They are beginning a unit on embryo development through the embryology project. (Photo taken by Kylie Penke)

Oakland-Craig Freshman, Joey listens intently as Mary Loftis, NE Extension Associate explains how to tell if an egg is fertile by looking at the egg yolk.

A small white dot is present on every egg yolk and is called a blastodisc. In a fertilized egg the dot is larger and has a bullseye appearance. At that stage it is called a blastoderm.

Either way, the egg is perfectly edible.


March 19, 2017

East Oaks 4-H Club Pancake Feed

Senior East Oaks 4-H Club members, Jenna and Hannah man the pancake grill during their annual pancake feed Sunday in Oakland.

Frank Johnson of Oakland gets lots of service from these three East Oaks 4-H Club members at their annual pancake feed Sunday in Oakland.

The 4-H club members are: Bailey, Louden, and Lyndsey


March 12, 2017

Snowless Sculpture!

The Clover Stars 4-H Club braved the wind and chilly weather Sunday afternoon to put together their “4-H is “Hulking” Incredible!” snowless sculpture outside the Burt County Courthouse. Club members able to help were: Maddy, Alex, Connor, Makenzie and Coraline.


March 5, 2017

Quality Assurance Training

Parke carefully gives the banana an intramuscular injection of green food coloring at the Livestock Quality Assurance Training held Sunday as part of the Argo 4-H Club meeting.

Tate gingerly gives an injection to his banana “patient” while Wyatt shares encouragement during 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance training on Sunday afternoon.

Linden uses the two handed approach to give a shot to the banana during the Quality Assurance Training held Sunday in Tekamah.

 Livestock Quality Assurance training is in full swing again as 4-H and FFA members gear up to prepare their project animals. Here Spencer fills a syringe with green food coloring so he and Casey can give injections to their banana "patient" at the QA training held Sunday in Tekamah.


February 24, 2017

Burt County 4-H Week Activities!

Gavin helped decorate 100 cupcakes with 4-H clovers to take to many of the students at Oakland-Craig elementary during Burt County 4-H Week.
Gavin is the son of Kenny and Tiffany Johnson of Oakland.


February 19, 2017

4-H Achievement Celebration

These Burt County 4-H members completed the 4-H Career Portfolio to compete for special awards.

Attending the 4-H Achievement/Kickoff Event were:

Back Row: Cody, Ashley, Layne, Amelia and Gavin

Front: Madison, Andrew, Ashlynne and Caleb

These Burt County 4-H members took the time to record all their 4-H activities for the year by completing the My Year in 4-H form.

Receiving special ribbons were:

Back: Amelia, Cody, Ashley, Layne, Caleb and Gavin

Middle: Alex, Andrew, Connor, Madeline, Ashlynne and Madison

Front: Greta, Will, Maddie and Coraline

Alex, Coraline and Maddie enjoyed the challenge of playing “A Bit Dicey” at the 4-H Achievement Event Sunday afternoon in Oakland.

Leah (with a future 4-H member on the way next month) still gets into the fun Minute to Win It games with her son Carson at the 4-H Achievement Event last Sunday in Oakland.

Ellie looks on as she helped coordinate the “Junk in the Trunk” game.

Ashlynne and Will play the Minute to Win It game “Scoop It Up” with spoons and ping pong balls at the 4-H Achievement/Kickoff Event Sunday in Oakland.

Genevieve and Logan wait their turn to play.


February 15, 2017

Quality Assurance Training for Burt's Best 4-H Club

Jessica and Brennan concentrate on the serious job of correctly giving an injection to their banana during the Quality Assurance training.

During a the Burt’s Best 4-H meeting members received training from Nebraska Extension Associate, Mary Loftis on Quality Assurance. The training included how to safely and properly give injections. Garrett carefully fills the syringe before giving a shot to the banana while Mason watches and waits his turn.


February 14, 2017

4-H Valentines

The Clover Stars 4-H Club made homemade valentines and delivered them to many residents at the Tekamah Living Center last week.

Receiving her valentine from the group is Donna with 4-H members Alex, Maddie, Coraline, Mackenzie and Connor.


February 9, 2017

PSA Recordings

These Burt County 4-H members headed to the KTIC Radio Station in West Point to tape their 4-H promotion Public Service Announcements for use during Burt County 4-H Week.

Placing first or second in their PSA contest divisions earned this opportunity for Paul, Michael, Cody, John & Faith and seated in front is Madison.


February 8, 2017

Connecting the Dots Program

Tekamah-Herman Elementary Principal Ben Kreifels discusses opportunities in Education and Training with Cody during the Career Exploration Simulation portion of the Connecting the Dots program last week in Tekamah.

It’s serious business for Mylee and Payton to determine where to classify their motivated skills during the Connecting the Dots Career Exploration program last week.

Christian concentrates on sorting his priority skills during the motivational skills activity during the Connecting the Dots program last week in Tekamah.

 Jill Johnson of Oakland visits with Ryan and Seth about career options in Human Services.


February 3, 2017

Snow Sculpture Entry

Madison and Gavin of Craig (along with a little help from Patrick, a friend from Kansas) entered the first 4-H Snow Sculpture of the year.

Olivia also helped with the sculpture, but was unavailable for the finished product photo.