July 17, 2017


Burt Count 4-H and FFA exhibitors took advantage of the 85th Fremont 4-H Expo (Fremont Fair) to get a warmup for the Burt County Fair on August 4-8. Results for Burt County exhibitors includes:



            Senior Showmanship

                        Purple - Megan Olson (3rd place - bronze medal)

                        Blue - Reese Hansen

            Junior Showmanship

                        Blue - Lakyn Humphrey

                        Red - Leah Clark

            English Pleasure

                        Blue - Megan Olson

            Western Pony Pleasure

                        Blue - Reese Hansen

                        Red - Leah Clark

            Senior Western Pleasure

                        Blue - Megan Olson

            Junior Western Pleasure

                        Red - Lakyn Humphrey

            Senior Western Horsemanship

                        Blue - Reese Hansen, Megan Olson

            Senior Pole Bending

                        Red - Megan Olson

            Junior Pole Bending

                        Purple - Lakyn Humphrey (reserve champion - silver medal)

                        Blue - Leah Clark

            Senior Barrel Racing

                        Red - Megan Olson

            Junior Barrel Racing

                        Purple - Lakyn Humphrey (champion - gold medal), Leah Clark



            Senior Showmanship

                        Purple - Casey Stone (reserve champion - silver medal); Megan Olson

            Senior Beginning Novice Obedience B

                        Purple - Megan Olson

            Graduate Novice Obedience

                        Blue - Casey Stone

            Agility - Level 1

                        Purple - Casey Stone (reserve champion - silver medal)

                        Red - Megan Olson

            Agility - Level 2

                        Purple - Megan Olson (champion - gold medal)

            Agility - Level 4

                        Purple - Casey Stone (champion - gold medal)






            Dorset Breeding Ewe Lamb

                        Purple - Layne Miller (reserve champion - silver medal)

            Commercial Yearling Breeding Ewe

                        Purple - Layne Miller

            Senior Showmanship

                        Purple - Layne Miller (reserve champion - silver medal)

            Junior Showmanship

                        Purple - Bailey Pelan

            White Influence Market Lamb

                        Purple - Layne Miller (champion - gold medal)

            Hampshire Market Lamb

                        Purple - Layne Miller

            Natural Market Lamb

                        Purple - Layne Miller (reserve champion - silver medal), Bailey Pelan

            Crossbred Market Lambs

                        Purple - Hannah Brudigam (3), Bailey Pelan (2)



            AOB Breeding Heifer

                        Purple - Leah Keithley

            Simmental Breeding Heifer

                        Blue - Garrett Klausen

            Feeder Calf Steer

                        Purple - Leah Keithley (champion - gold medal)

            Feeder Calf Heifer

                        Purple - Leah Keithley (champion - gold medal)

            Senior Showmanship

                        Purple - Bailey Fleischman (reserve champion - silver medal)

            Intermediate Showmanship

                        Purple - Leah Keithley

                        Red - Anna Karnopp

            Market Heifer

                        Blue - Anna Karnopp

            Market Steer

Purple - Bailey Fleischman (champion lightweight, reserve grand champion - silver medal), Andrew Cone (2, reserve champion lightweight), Brennan Ahrens, Trenton Elliott

                        Blue - Mason Cone, Garrett Klausen

                        Red - Cody Elliott, Trenton Elliott, Anna Karnopp



            Senior Showmanship

                        Purple - Jenna Bromm (champion - gold medal)

            Intermediate Showmanship

                        Purple - Brayden Anderson (champion - gold medal), Elise Anderson

            Junior Showmanship

                        Purple - Linden Anderson, Brooklyn Hightree, Jocelyn Hightree

            Crossbred Breeding Gilt

                        Purple - Brayden Anderson

            Progress Gilts

                        Purple - Brayden Anderson, Linden Anderson, Jenna Bromm

                        Blue - Linden Anderson

            Market Gilts

                        Purple - Elise Anderson

                        Blue - Brooklyn Hightree, Jocelyn Hightree

            Progress Barrows

                        Purple - Jenna Bromm (champion - gold medal), Brayden Anderson, Elise Anderson (2), Linden Anderson, Brooklyn Hightree (2)

            Market Barrows

                        Purple - Jenna Bromm, Jocelyn Hightree

                        Blue - Jocelyn Hightree



            Static 4-H Exhibits

                        Layne Miller received purple ribbons and gold medals on:

Woodworking Level 4- end table;

Electicity – Heavy duty jumper cables;

Model Rocket;

Wildlife Habitat – Bird House and

Design Decisions - wood pallet bench


Cody Bachtell received purple ribbons on Embellished t-shirt, wooden stool, barn wood sign, and metal flag wall hanging. Blue ribbons on: Acrylic painting and bird feeder.

Ashley Bohannon received purple ribbons on her message board, Photography 3 photo and wooden accessory.