Serious About Science Experiments

We would like to share some easy, fun at home experiments and recipes.  Enjoy!

Will it Float or Sink?

Check out the video to see what we are putting to the test.

Shamrock Shake

What kind of a treat should you make for St. Patrick's Day? How about a Shamrock Shake. It's delicious, easy, and has options for different ways of making it. Enjoy!

Snake Charmer

Want to become a snake charmer? Check out this video about Static Electricity.

Elephant Toothpaste

Want to make elephant toothpaste? Disclaimer: This is not intended to be used on any elephants.

Egg in a Bottle

Can you get an egg in...and out of a bottle? Check out how.

Muddy Buddies

We have a Valentine's Day/Super Bowl snack for you to try. There's a slight twist to your regular Puppy Chow mix.

Air Pressure Can Crusher

Can you crush a can without using your foot or hand? Check out the video to see how a can crushes with air pressure.

Taste with your nose

Have you smelled a meal so good you could taste it? What if your nose is plugged, can you taste? Your sense of smell is a big part of how food tastes.

Taste with your eyes

Do your eyes trick your taste buds? What we see can override what we think we taste.


Icy Magic

How does salt melt icy roads?

Christmas Kaleidoscope

Check out this fun Christmas Kaleidoscope experiment. It's amazing how fast you see results.

Gnome Cookie Cups

Try this cute and easy recipe for the gnome fans.

Egg-citing Volume 2

Can you walk on eggs without cracking them???? Check out the video to see.

Egg-citing Volume 1

Can you break an egg squeezing it with your hand???? Check out the video to see.

Glitter Putty

Check out an easy Glitter Putty recipe. This is fun to make when the weather isn't so nice outside.

Holey Bottle

Here's another episode this time talking about pressure. It's an easy one but oh so cool.

Monster Mash Munch Mix

Do we have a recipe for you...everyone needs to try this Monster Mash Munch Mix or at least say it 4 times fast. This recipe would be good for any get together. Enjoy the video and the snack mix (it is irresistibly delicious).

Vampire Lamp

Just in time for Halloween, we did a science experiment making a Vampire Lamp using household items. Check it out! Warning: Don't drink this and make sure to do this with adult supervision.